Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The I Think Sew Emily Bag Week 3 and The Winner Announcement

Well, huge apologies are in order. I said last week that I would announce the winner of my extra copy of Sew News last Friday and it completely slipped my mind!!! I think it's called having too much fun while being away ;), and just not paying attention. Hopefully late is better than never. So the winner is.....
Congratulations Kathy!!! Please email your address to me so I can get the magazine out to you, sewbussted@yahoo.com. Kathy has a lovely blog, http://runningwithrocket.blogspot.com/. She's a very gifted quilter. I actually had the pleasure of meeting her at the Puyallup Sewing Expo 2 years ago. Check out her blog, I think you'll enjoy it!

So...the new video is up for the IThinkSew Emily Bag. It's a longer video this week as I show you how to insert a zipper in the bag. Here's the video if you would like to take a look.

The blog post can be found here on the Sew News blog.
A little note on crazy me. As I watched the video, I thought, "oh no, you didn't say that!!!" Near the end of the video, I mark the seam allowance of the pocket with a pen, yes an ink pen and I do say that I'm using an ink pen. Then I add, "who cares." Oh my goodness!!!! Yes, it's inside the bag, but I really do care and I can't believe I said that. Live and learn I guess :) Anyway....all I had with me was a marking pencil and that would not show up, so I used the pen. Please don't think that I really don't care, as I really do. There are a number of good marking pens on the market that won't bleed through your fabric. And in all honesty, the pen marking won't bleed through my bag, not with the interfacing on the back side of the lining.
If you would like to take a look at my finished vegetable bag, I've posted it on the Flickr page and you can see it here.

A quick note on the pant drafting post. I am working on my project and I will be posting it tomorrow afternoon. So check back if you would like to follow along.
In the meantime...
Have a Wonderful Day!!!

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  1. So funny that you worry about a pen and which you said ... You is great, dear Rhonda and that's a fact !!!

    1. Thank you Rosy. As I watched the video, I said to myself, "oh nooooo!!! You didn't say that!!!" But I did, oh well, we make mistakes :)