Saturday, October 18, 2014

The T-Shirt Shawl Pictures

Thanks for all the lovely compliments on the top that I posted yesterday for Fabulous Free Pattern Friday.
Quite a few of you asked to see pictures of me in the top, so I ran down to the fitness center this morning and took a few pictures. It was a toss up between crummy selfy pictures in my room, or crummy selfy pictures in the fitness center. The fitness center won! The pictures are not that great, but at least you can get an idea of how it looks on the body.

You may remember this sleeve that I posted for Sleeves On Saturdays a while back.
I wore the top on Thursday. While shopping, I decided to make use of a large mirror and take a few pictures.
 It has become one of my favorite tops to wear.
So that's it for my crummy picture review ;)
Hope you've had a great day.

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  1. Fabulous tops. Love that first one in particular - it is very dramatic. Looks fab on you.

  2. Thanks for the photos! I like them both, especially your stripe work on the red, it's really, really clever - I think I'll create a version of top 1 first though! ;)

  3. Wow, these tops are lovely and stripes, yay! You look fabulous in these. I am still in love with the top ne though. The design and fabric are beautiful. Xx

  4. Appreciate the photos and they both look so good on you.

  5. Love, love both of them on you! I must find some time to play in the sewing room!

  6. Very nice tops, Rhonda. The dark one looks like an expensive garment, and while the design is straightforward, you won't find it easily in moderately priced stores. Red and whit stripes are just plain fun. Have a nice trip.

  7. Both tops look great. Thanks for sharing pictures of you wearing them.

  8. Love the red and white, "sleeve on saturday" top. So me! Now for the "friday pattern", I will try it, just for the fun of it. Glad we talked about it this weekend. Thanks Rhonda.

  9. Great looking top. I also like the red and white one as well.