Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Night Reflections

Success is not final,
Failure is not fatal:
It is the courage to continue that counts.

                                                                                                     Winston Churchill

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  1. Love the picture and the saying is one I needed to hear!

    1. Isn't that a spectacular picture?!! I'm so happy that this meant something to you :)

  2. Hi Rhonda, I've used this same quote on my today's post at Tany et La Mode,... This is one of the most inspiring quotes for me and it's one that really resonates with a few issues that I've been going through since last week. You know when something is not well with our children, our world shakes. Basically my son's kindergarten is at risk. Me and a few more parents are trying to save it, knowing that bankruptcy is inevitable... We are fighting to turn it into a parents association and continue its activity as so... Our challenge is to come up with a viable project and to convince the other parents to go along and not take their children out to other kindergartens just yet. I haven't been sleeping much lately and feel drained out, but this quote has always inspired me in situations like this. I remember the first time when I found out about it: it was when I left my parent's home to go live by myself: at the time I had no real guarantee of being able to provide for myself but I fought really hard and was able to get a job, and later finish my degree as a worker-student.
    Sorry for the really long comment, I just wanted you to know how important this quote has been in my life and how I felt when I read it here as well :)

    1. No need to apologize. Thank you for sharing your personal story. I feel quite honored.