Monday, October 27, 2014

Share in Style Halloween with Sewingadicta

A couple of weeks ago, Rosy of Sewingadicta asked me if I would participate in this week's Share and Style post. I would do anything for this lady!!!! Rosy is so talented and so sweet. You may remember that she participated in the pillowcase project for the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.
Here's a close up of my favorite. They were all so lovely, but this one with the crocheted trim was extra special. There are children sleeping on these pillowcases that will never know that they came all the way from the Canary Islands. But I'm sure they can feel Rosy's love :)
 Rosy always creates lovely clothes that have a vintage feel and just a bit of whimsy.
 I absolutely love how she took this Halloween print and gave it a sophisticated feel.
Rosy and I did not talk about what we would be doing prior to the post, but I guess great minds think alike as Rosy did spiders........
and so did I!!!!!
I actually made the spider.
I rather like how he turned out. A little confession, I was always one of those kids that would capture snakes and spiders as I was mesmerized by them. I guess I'm just a tomboy at heart!
The dress is the piece I created for the sleeve class I did at the American Sewing Expo. This will probably be the one and only time that I will ever wear the dress with the two different sleeves. But so many asked to see it on me, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity.The dress is fun, just not very practical. For the right occasion though, the sleeve would be great.
 Be sure to pop over to Rosy's blog and see more of her lovely pictures. This is also a link up opportunity, so if you  have a Halloween related piece that you would like to share, link away!!
Happy Halloween !

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  1. Two lovely dresses! You both look fantastic. I love Halloween and getting to dress up. Your dress is amazing. Not too keen on the spiders though, they give me the willies. We are having a good year for spiders here in the UK, but a bad year for arachnophobes. ;) xx

    1. I am so silly with spiders. I won't let my husband tear down their webs. I just love to watch them spin and I also enjoy just observing them. I am some people's worst nightmare I'm sure ;)

  2. Swinging by from Share in Style. Your dress is fab and I'm SO loving the giant spider fascinator!

  3. OMG!! This is so wonderful *O* you've taken my breathe away!! Good job, it's a beautiful witch dress :)
    Kisses from Spain!


  4. That is one sexy dress... you're giving Morticia Addams a run for her money, that's for sure.

  5. Now THAT is doing spiders!! Halloween will never be the same. Love it. Halloween isn't a big thing down-under but love watching what the rest of the world come up with.

    Rosy is a Darling isn't she. Both she and you are on my must read lists.

    1. BeaJay, you are such a lovely person. I hope you realize just how special you truly are :)

  6. OMG! Dear Rhonda, I am truly fascinated by your creation, I do not like spiders (not particularly) but I would love to look that spectacular spider on my head, You are the most amazing person in the world, certainly.
       I thank you for agreeing to be my partner for this fun, you're awesome and I'm so honored that you accepted, I admire your talent !!

  7. One Word. Fantástico!!!!!!!! Kisssss from Spain!

  8. You are fabulousssssssssss and the spider hat PERFECTION.
    Thank you so much for being part of the Share-in-Style family

  9. I looove your dress and the spider and.... I am a tomboy too ;-)

  10. Hi there Rhonda,

    Just had chance to catch up and read your blog tonight.
    Absolutely adore your Halloween dress and Rosy's too.
    Should also mention that I loved your posting on how to make a fascinator.

    Would LOVE to make your Halloween dress as it is amazing. Is it your own pattern??

  11. wow, those sleeves are amazing! and wow, making that spider! So awesome :)

  12. I love your look. You look fabolous.

  13. Really gorgeous dress!! Absolutely cool and elegant and I'm loving your spider!!
    You're so talented! Glad to find tour blog vía sharing-in-style

  14. So glad to find you via Share-in-Style, you are one talented lady. Amazing dress and equally amazing spider.

  15. could you please revisit Share-in-Style and VOTE for your favourite look. Voting open until tonight. Thanks a lot.

  16. Awesome outfit! A spider never looked so good!!! 😁

  17. Wooo ! Dear Rhonda, you´re a winner!!! Congratulations!!