Monday, October 20, 2014

Me Made Mondays

It's Monday!!!  
Did you proudly wear something that you made this past week? I hope so!!!
I actually wore the outfit that I'm posting today, today, so it really is a Me Made Monday item this week. As I told you last week, I'm the social chairman for a group here in Chicago called The Musicians Club of Women. It's a very old organization and it was formed to give women a place to perform as it wasn't acceptable for women to perform in public when the organization was initially started. We have truly come a long way!! Thankfully. I usually end up doing a lot of running around, so I want to look nice, but I also need to be comfortable. I was especially tired this morning, so I chose something that didn't take a lot of effort.  
 I made the top as well as the skirt. The skirt is basically a long straight skirt with one exception....
it has a laced up pleat down center back.
The pleat runs from the waist to the hem.
The pleat was left open at the bottom.
There's a zipper inside the pleat at the waistline. To hold the pleats closed, I inserted grommets and added a lace tie. Look closely and you can see that my butterfly is not matched perfectly!!!! What kind of seamstress am I?!!! :-)
The fabric is called Gothic Prairie. Take a look and you'll see thistles, Queen Anne's Lace, spiders and moths that are all typical of the prairie.  
So, nothing too spectacular today, but it did tie in with the pleats that I posted earlier.....kinda, sorta!!!
If you would like to link up one of your garments that you made and wore this last week, just click on the button and link away!!!

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  1. That skirt is fabulous- both print and sneaky hidden details- love it.

  2. Ooowee! You always use the best details. You can even kick-up a basic skirt. I will have to try this

  3. Gorgeous. I love the fabric, and the lace up feature is genius.

  4. I love the skirt and top so clever lacing up the back. I love making skirts I'll have to remember this, very nice outfit suits you :)

  5. Wow - fabulous twist on a pencil skirt. I love these details.

  6. Those skirt details are so clever! And beautiful colors!

  7. The pleat detail in the back is just amazing!

  8. I love the idea of a hidden pleat! Now I need to figure out how to add it to a skirt design. Thank you for all the inspiration you provide me. I need to keep my design book closer when reading your blog! Thank you.

    1. That is just the best compliment!! Thank you :)

  9. Surprise! What a great detail on your supposedly simple skirt, Rhonda. Thanks for hosting us.

  10. Love your look, the skirt details are amazing, great job!

  11. Cool lacing on the skirt and such a lovely touch....