Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

Good Morning and a very Happy Monday to everyone!!
Last week we took a look at some very interesting details. I thought that today we would take a look at pleats, interesting pleats!  By just manipulating the fabric, we can turn what would just be a basic garment into a "wow, look at that" outfit. Many of these are quite over the top,but it's more about what it can inspire. Just take a look and enjoy! 

 What a lovely way to turn a basic jacket into something truly special.

I came across this picture and thought that it was especially interesting. With a little more research, I found out that it was part of an entire collection by Georgia Hardinge.
 You may not want an entire outfit with the detail, but a touch would be great.l

Isn't it amazing what can be done by just manipulating a little fabric.
Have a fabulous day!!

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  1. I would wear that grey dress with the buttons and pleats, back view, in a heartbeat! What a stunner! I'm also impressed with that amazing zip installation in the first pic.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Rhonda.

  2. Would sell my soulf for that first jacket. Gorgeous!

  3. I love the first jacket. It reminds meof a Hussars' jacket, even though It doesn't have any braid on it. The grey dress with the buttons is also one of my favourites. Thank you for all the puctures. I never fail to be inspired. xx

  4. OMG!! Rhonda... The 9th pic!! That jacket !!!

  5. Georgia Hardinge has a genius touch. Like Bunny love the grey dress - the white skirt was masterful too.

    1. I haven't had a chance, but I want to take a look at some of her more recent collections. The pieces here were from a 2011 collection. That grey dress is especially lovely!

  6. I love the way these artists not only managed to create interesting details, but perfelyed integrated them into the overall silhouette. Sometimes these look so forced but not with these very special pieces. Thanks!