Monday, October 19, 2020

There Are Patterns That Deserve To Be Made Over and Over

 Do you remember the old 'That Girl' sitcom that Marlo Thomas starred in? Well, there's a channel that has been playing the reruns on Sunday evenings. I was still quite small when it came out, but I loved it. Even as a little girl I always looked forward to see what she would be wearing. Some of the costumes are very dated, but some are just as adorable today as they were all those years ago. In my next Monday Morning Inspiration post, we'll take a look at some of my favorites. But,for today, please bear with me while I try to catch up on my 1 year challenge posts. 

Today's roundup takes me from September 15th through September 28th. As you'll see,there are a few patterns that I love so much that I have made a number of times. But I guess that if you love it, then why not? ;) 


I so love a rectangle, so when I found out about the Envelope Dress pattern from Cris Wood, I had to give it a try. I loved it so much that I just had to make another. For this dress, I used a border print, and was so pleased with how it turned out. The Envelope Dress is not an actual pattern, but instructions on how to make your own. So easy, and well explained. It's one that you just can't mess up! :)  


I have so enjoyed this dress. It's one that proves that a pattern can be super simple, and yet fun to wear. Of course the red ponte knit adds to the fun! The pattern is from Sew News, and it's the Estes Dress. I paired the dress with a little pair of boots that I got from Muck Boots. I so love the red buffalo plaid on the sides of the boots. Super fun for winter :)

Another repeat make. I initially made Vogue 9237 this past summer in a fun orange floral linen. Once I got the first made, I knew I wanted another. I was going through a drawer and found this fabric that I have had forever. Loved the floaty quality of the fabric, and thought it would be cute in this pattern. I changed the sleeve to mimic the floaty quality of the dress. I was really happy with how it turned out!

The top I'm wearing below is the Easy V Express Top from Islander Sewing. It had languished on my sewing table for longer than I would like to admit. But I finally got it finished. Paired it with an out of print pattern from McCall's, McCall's 6081. I so love the skirt, and I really like the top, but I won't be putting the 2 together in the future. That's one of the many benefits from doing this little challenge, I get to really see what I like and don't like.  

This skirt and top have been a long time favorite of mine. I made the skirt for a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post. You can see it HERE. The top was done for a Sleeves on Saturdays post. You can find the sleeve HERE

The skirt is one that will swish when you walk. It's all about being a very happy skirt ;)

This romper pattern from Ellie and Mac has become another new favorite. At this point. I've made 2, and I'm hoping to make another. I really love it. So comfortable, and I think the neckline is especially pretty. You can find the pattern HERE

If you've been following along with my 1 year challenge, you've seen these pants before. I really love them. Self-drafted, so no pattern. A friend gave me the jacket. Just made for such a fun outfit. 

The top I'm wearing under the jacket is the Presto Popover Top from Naughty Bobbins Patterns. This is the perfect under a jacket  top!

Some days, ya just gotta clean the house ;) Especially when it's warm out, I love to wear a dress made from those pre-gathered dress lengths from the fabric store. Just 1 seam and 2 shoulder straps and you have a garment! I look decent, and the dress is super easy to just throw in the washing machine once I've finished my cleaning! 

Jeans and a t-shirt is a true staple in our wardrobes these days. As you've heard before, I absolutely love the Ginger Jeans pattern from Closet Core Patterns. I have no plans to ever purchase another pair of jeans. Another pattern that has become a true staple in my wardrobe is the Molly Tee from Pattern Union. It fits SO well, and it's so easy to make. Once you've made 1, you'll make a ton!!!

We've finally made it up to September 24th! And, what I began this post with, I'm also ending it, another Envelope Dress from Chris Wood Sews. I had gotten this fabric from Tessuti. It was a remnant, and I thought it was so pretty. when I received it, the print kinda threw me for a loop as I had no idea what I would do with it. I was going through my "collection" of fabric, looking for another piece of fabric and came across this piece. As I looked at it, I realized that I just might be able to get an Envelope Dress out of the piece. It worked!!! There's a seam down the front and back, and I was able to match the pattern. So, what initially stumped me has become an absolute favorite!    

Before I go, I just want to thank all of you who cheer me on. It really is such a gift. I have now been blogging for 10 years. There are times that the road has been bumpy, and times when I've wanted to give up. But, as I said, so many of you continue to cheer me on, and it's you that gives me to desire to carry on. 
Thank you so very much!!!

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday Night Reflections


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The Magic of a Challenge

 A few days ago I was getting dressed, maybe I was brushing my hair. Can't remember exactly was I was doing, but I was looking in the mirror. While I was standing there, a thought went through my head(they do from time to time ;) It actually shocked me a bit..."I really like the way I look." That's not something I have really ever said to myself. In fact, quite the opposite. That thought has given me pause to think and reflect over the last few days.

There was a time when I barely ate. Lunch was never more than a carrot. I was especially thin, and still I worked out like a fien. The scale was my constant companion. As thin as I was, I was never satisfied. I was always striving to be better, which translated into thinner in my mind. Truth be told, I was absolutely miserable. 

As I've thought, I've had to ask myself when it all changed? I did not have counseling for an eating disorder. I am 20 pounds heavier than I was at my thinnest. Something that would have horrified me all those years ago, and yet, happier than I have ever been in my life. I can't pinpoint 1 particular event, but many that have been influential. Even something as insignificant as this crazy little challenge of committing to wearing my handmade wardrobe for a year I think has been significant. Isn't it amazing that something that seems trivial can end up being anything but trivial? 


I am sooooo behind on these posts. So, I am going to try and catch up over the next few days.

This outfit goes back to September 3rd :/ Again, I am really behind. I wore a self-drafted 6-gore skirt. You can find the instructions HERE. I have been wearing this skirt for 9 years!!! I think I need a new skirt ;) The top is 1 that I did for a Sleeves On Saturdays post. I called it the Bending Willow Sleeve, and you can find that tutorial HERE.   

This dress is a favorite of mine. You've seen it a number of times. I have added a picture of it being worn in different ways. It's a self-drafted piece for which I have not done a tutorial. I really should.   

The fabric for this outfit was a gift. Believe it or not, of all the precious fabrics that I have cut into in my lifetime, for some reason this one was especially difficult for me. It's hand dyed, and I felt it to be extra special. In the end, I am very happy with what I did with the fabric. The tutorial for the skirt can be found HERE. The top is just 4 rectangles. Super simple to do. I will be doing a tutorial for it.

You've seen this outfit before. It's one that I throw on whenever I am...to be honest, a little lazy. The leggings are the Loveland Leggings from Sew News. The matching cardigan is the Blackwood Cardigan from Helen's Closet. 

We're finally up to September 8th. This piece was made using the free Our Fave Top from Tessuti. I lengthened the pattern and added the inserted tie. You can see my post on how I made the changes HERE

I love getting out for a walk, or a run in the morning, but I so hate having cars honk at me. So, I decided to start adding a little wrap skirt to my leggings. I purchased the leggings that I am wearing. I just couldn't help myself. The pattern is from a Chicago Aeronautical sectional. The top is self-drafted, and the wrap skirt pattern is sadly not available at the moment. 

I love circle skirts. The fabric for this skirt came printed for a circle skirt. All I had to do was the math for the waistline. The top is a modified Helen's Closet Elliot Tee and Sweater.

The cargo pants I'm wearing were made in conjunction with Cennetta from The Mahogany Stylist. We had such a good time creating cargo pants. We used an out of print Simplicity pattern, Simplicity 5102. But, cargo pants are really about the pockets, so you can use any pattern that you love and just go crazy with the pockets. You can see the post I did on these pants HERE. The top that I am wearing is another fabulous, and free pattern from Tessuti. It's the Monroe Turtleneck

If you have been following along, you've seen the pants that I am wearing. I made a matching Ogden Cami to wear with the pants. The top I am wearing here was a free pattern that is no longer available. As I was going through my wardrobe, it occurred to me that it might work with the pants, and it did! I used a suede cloth for the top.   

And finally, for this post anyway, I'm wearing a fun pattern from Style Arc. It's the Juliet Woven Shirt. I really love the front tie. The way it is sewn is quite unique. Just a great design. I did not make the jeans, Mr. Levi did ;) They are as old as the hills. I've probably had them for close to 15 years. I keep things for a very long time :)

It has taken me 3 days to get this post together. I know that talking about having an eating disorder is not something I like to talk about. But, maybe there's someone who will happen upon this post that is struggling, and it will help you see that there is hope. Life doesn't not need to be a constant struggle, and we can find happiness and contentment with who we are.

Before I go...
One thing I love to do is go through my closet as if I am in a store and see what might go with another item that I have that I have never thought of mixing together. Just take an hour, and play. I am always amazed with what I come up with! 

Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, October 12, 2020

Put a Little Swish In Your Day

To start the week off, I am preempting the post that I had intended to do as I had promised this post, and was reminded that I had yet to post it :/ 

I actually made this skirt 7 years ago, YIKES!!! But, I still love it, and I still wear it. Such a fun skirt. I called it the Faux Ruffles Skirt as it looks like there are ruffles around the bottom of the skirt...but there aren't!

In the video you can see how the skirt moves when I walk. It's just super fun!!!

The skirt is nothing but rectangles. The faux ruffles are created with long rectangular strips. Sewing all the strips takes a bit of time, but the prize at the end is worth it.

Each row is a little longer than the previous row. One thing to keep in mind is that this is best out of a knit fabric. The edges of the strips are not finished. Since each row is a little longer than the previous row, the bottom actually forms a bit of a circle which gives the skirt that super swish when you walk.

If you would like to make a skirt for yourself, all of the instructions can be found HERE.

It's always fun to have a little swish in your day ;)

BTW, my peppers that I made last night turned out to be lovely. I used bulgar which is a cracked wheat for the base of my stuffing. While I thought they were quite good, I like THIS recipe for stuffed peppers that I did a while back. It's just a little heartier than the peppers I made last night. While I like what I did, I don't think the recipe is worth posting. But, new recipes are coming down the pike ;) 


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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sunday Night Reflections


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A Recipe and Some Rectangles

Happy Sunday to anyone who happens by :)

I am truly trying to get myself back on track. I have been cooking, and I have been sewing, just not posting. Although I do post everyday on Instagram. Hoping for a good, back on track week this week. Fingers crossed :)

Sunday's are special to me, and I always try and make something good for breakfast. This morning it was my Spinach and Rice Cakes. This is such a versatile recipe. Great for breakfast with poached eggs, and great for dinner with a mushroom sauce. The patties freeze well, so make up a batch, cook what you want, and freeze the rest for another meal. You can find the recipe HERE. When I originally posted them, so many wrote to me and told me how much they love the recipe. Like I said, a favorite of mine too!

I've posted a couple of garments on Instagram that a number of people have found interesting. Both were done for my Fabulous Free Pattern Friday series.

First up is a skirt that I wore yesterday. Such an easy piece to make, and it's so comfortable to wear.

I called this piece the Sweeping Rectangles Skirt as the lower portion of the skirt is 2 rectangles that sweep around the body. You can find the instructions for the skirt, as well as the top I made using this idea HERE

The second piece is a fun top. It looks complicated, but it is anything but. I called this piece The Rolling Rectangle Top, as it's really just a rectangle that rolls to the side.

Here the top is laying flat. You'll have to look closely, but it all begins with a rectangle. The neckline is on the left side. Like I said, it looks complicated, but it is not. You can find all the info on making 1 for yourself HERE.


I'm rather excited as I had an idea for a somewhat new version of vegetarian stuffed bell peppers. When the weather begins to change, I so long for warm, abundantly flavorful food. And anything that requires the oven, all the better! If it's as good as I think it will be, the recipe will be up tomorrow.

I'm off to do a little cooking, and I hope, a little sewing. I've been having the best time with my 1 year challenge. I plan to catch you up on that as well this week.

Happy Sunday!

Hope you have a great day :)


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Sunday, October 4, 2020