Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Collar Drafting Tutorials

A few weeks ago, I taught a class on drafting collars. I had such a wonderful time. It's always nice to see faces light up and realize that a basic pattern can be changed so easily. But, I realized that I have not made it easy to find the tutorials. At the moment, I am having a difficult time trying to find how to add a new tab to the navigation bar, but it is coming, hopefully, later today. In the meantime, here are the collars with links to the tutorials. Tomorrow I will be adding a tutorial on how to draft a hood. Then on Thursday, I will do the full drafting tutorial of the jacket I made HERE. 

The Mandarin Collar is a wonderful collar that can easily be drafted. It's a great collar that adds a little interest to the neck. You can find the tutorial HERE

The collar below is the Revere Collar. A very easy collar to draft. It looks a little more complicated as I added the bias trim around the collar and down the front of the blouse. You can find the tutorial for this collar HERE

The Peter Pan Collar. In the post that I did yesterday, the free Mary Quant dress pattern had 2 variations of the Peter Pan collar, one with a rounded edge, the other with a point. Both drafted the exact same way. You can find the tutorial on drafting the Peter Pan Collar HERE

The Sailor Collar is such a great collar for summer. It looks great on a dress, a tunic top, as well as a hoodie. You can find the tutorial HERE

I did 2 versions of the Shawl Collar. The collar below is the narrow version. The narrowness of the collar has nothing to do with how big the collar is in front, but how it lays on the back neck. Below is the Narrow Shawl Collar. You can find the tutorial HERE.  

Below is the wide version of the Shawl Collar. You can find this tutorial HERE.

Here's a picture of me in the dress. I absolutely love wearing this dress in the summer. Just throw it on and go!

The Raised Neckline. While this is not a traditional collar, it gives the appearance of a collar. Very dramatic, and quite lovely. You can find the tutorial HERE. This is by far one of my favorite necklines.

As soon as I can figure out how to add the new tab to the header bar at the top of the blog page, the tutorials will be all the easier to find. Technology :/

By the way, if by chance you do download the Mary Quant dress, any of these collars can be applied to that pattern. So play around and have some fun!

I am off to take Mr. Berkley for his initiation visit for daycare. He really doesn't need actual daycare, but I am doing it because he is such a social boy and I think he will have a blast playing with the other dogs. Gracie is at a point in her life that she would rather be left alone :( I'll try to take a few pictures and share with you. 

Cute story;
My husband thought that Berkley was going to daycare yesterday. He came home, found Berkley here, and I was gone. He told me that he asked Berkley, "why are you here? Did you get kicked out of daycare?" :) Hopefully all will go well.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Monday, May 20, 2019

Monday Morning Inspiration/Mary Quant

What a whirlwind of a weekend! Every year, our neighborhood association sponsors a neighborhood wide garage sale. They do all of the advertising, and all we have to do is sign up, and then begin the major task of cleaning out and setting up. 

A while back, I had cleaned out my closet. Rather than box it all up and send it off to the resale shop, I decided to put it all in the garage sale. It was a roaring success! One little gal came in, tried on a jacket that I made some time ago. It was absolutely adorable on her, and I thought for sure that she would buy it. Her boyfriend put the kibosh on it. I'm so very happy as when I saw it on her, I regretted that I had put it out. But, that's the only piece that will make it back into the collection :) Now I need to make something fun to wear it with. It's very Mary Quant, clean lines, and a flower power print. 

With all the excitement surrounding the Dior exhibit, I had no idea that the V&A Museum is hosting an exhibit on Mary Quant. A friend of mine sent me a video link from Facebook. Sadly, I was unable to find a YouTube link to the video, so I can't share it here. But...I did find a lovely Vlog on YouTube, Stitchless TV. Here's the video she did on the exhibit;

As I watched the video, I thought of Chanel and how she liberated women. Mary Quant took Chanel's idea a step forward. After all the constraining styles of the 1940s and 1950s, she was truly a breath of fresh air. And, that's in more ways than one, women could actually breathe again!!!

Below are pieces from the collection. If you look closely, each is the same basic pattern with slight variations.

Now for a sweet surprise. In conjunction with the Mary Quant exhibit, the V&A made a Mary Quant pattern available...

It's her signature basic style, but with a keyhole opening at the neckline. 

You can find the downloadable pattern, as well as 3 sew along videos HERE. This is the perfect throw it on and go style for summer.

If by chance you are anywhere near London, the exhibit runs through February of 2020. Oh how I would love to go!!!

Have a wonderful week, and make a Mary Quant dress!!! :)

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

A Few Fashion Show Pics

I'm so excited!!! We're supposed to have our first truly warm day here in Chicago, 77 degrees. Rain is in the forecast...again :/ Oh well, the blooming trees, tulips, and daffodils have all been spectacular.

I met a friend for lunch yesterday. She took a few pictures of some of my pieces that I had in the annual Haute Couture Club of Chicago fashion show. Our professional pictures have not yet come back, so until then, I thought I would share my friend's pictures just to give you an idea of the day. More will come :)

This is the Style Arc Grace Trans-Seasonal Jacket that I shared with you HERE. I wore the jacket with my Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans. The bag is my Poppins Bag. I also made a coordinating umbrella. 

I made an umbrella last year, and loved how it turned out. You can see that post HERE. Now that I have a new bag, I thought a matching umbrella would be nice too. 

I lined the umbrella with a remnant that picked up all the colors in the bag.

I made this jacket some time ago. It is the Sewaholic Robson Coat. The coat was made for the Sews News sew along. You can see all of those posts HERE. I had not finished putting in the buttonholes, and the jacket had languished in the closet for all this time. So, I decided to get it out, finish it, and put it in the show. I have since worn it 3 times!!!  

This dress was made last December. It's the Pattern Union Sumekko Dress. I blogged about it HERE. Absolutely love this pattern. It only has 1 seam!!! The pattern comes with 3 different stencils that you can then use to paint on your fabric. I have that on my list for this summer.

Once the professional pictures have been made available, I'll share my complete collection of garments that I had in the show. If by chance you would like to attend the show, it's always the 1st Sunday of  May, so mark your calendars for next year!

Having a closet of wonderful me made outfits is just the best! :)
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Monday Morning Inspiration/Dior Whimsy

Has there ever been something in your life that you've hoped for over a very long period of time? Something that you could not possibly see how it could ever come to pass, but still, you hoped? I have :), and with the addition of the little sideways happy face, you can see that it has happened. I've waited 30 years, 30 YEARS!!! At this point, this miracle is still in its infancy, so I am guarding it, but it is wonderful nonetheless! 

I'm sharing this because I'm sure that there are those who may happen upon this post who have hoped, waited, and have given up. Don't give up! Some may say, "I hoped, and I waited until there was no longer hope to be had." I have also hoped for healing, and yet, healing did not come, the miracle did not happen, and I lost someone who was so very special. In moments like this, it can be easy to say that hope is just not worth the effort. But...when the miracle does happen, it's so worth all the moments of longing.

Today is the last post of my trip to the Dior exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. If by chance you are anywhere near Dallas, by all means, see the exhibit!!! It will be open until September 1st, so plenty of time. I am planning a trip to Houston some time this summer, and I think I am going to try and get up to Dallas to see it once more. It was just that impressive!   

With this post, I thought I would focus on the pieces that I found to be whimsical.

I found this piece to be rather sweet. When I attended the exhibit, I overheard others making remarks of dislike. 

I can see someone in the 1950s throwing a holiday party and wearing this dress. Absolute fun!

I absolutely love this gown!

I did my best to get an up close shot of the gloves. Appliqueing the gloves onto a bias cut dress, a feat unto itself! 

Every bit of this gown is just so beautiful, the draped neckline and the long row of buttons that run along the side seam.

Isn't this fun?!! Not for everyone, but fun nonetheless.

In the picture below, you can see the muslin that was done for this dress. Even in the muslin form, attention was paid to the placement of the ribbon.

The statement on the t-shirt, the masculinity of the jacket, and then the femininity of the skirt. Statement dressing  for sure! :) 

Something I found rather interesting is that there are only 2 buttonholes, and yet 3 buttons. Hmmm, did they forget? Was it intentional? Absolutely love the cut of the jacket!

There were 2 walls of framed scarves. Each a work of art.

Such a fun coat! Look closely and you'll see that more than 1 type of fur was used to create this piece.

I'm not sure if the ribbon was applied to this fabric, or printed with the ribbon. Regardless, I love how they manipulated it.

There is so much going on in this piece that it could be easy to miss some of the details. Take note of the sleeves. Love the wrapped cording detail.

This was the best picture that I could get of the front of the dress. It would be interesting to know if someone actually wore the piece with the necklace! 

And finally, I thought I would include a sketch. I always enjoy looking at sketches. This one was done by Marc Bohan for the 1986 fall/winter collection.

I hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour. It was by far one of the most amazing exhibits that I have ever seen. I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to attend.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! 


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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Thursday, May 9, 2019

One Nice Thing A Day/Week 4 Recap

The last few weeks have been a true reminder to me as to why we need to make time to do a little something for ourselves...each and everyday. Last week, I was busy getting ready for the Haute Couture fashion show, along with all the other daily necessities that always need attention, and I completely neglected to post my final week of my One Nice Thing a Day Challenge. While I neglected the post, and myself last week, happily, I have made up for it this week :) 

I came across this quote that I thought would be a nice way to close out this time of sharing;

So, what did I do during my last week of the challenge???

*I took myself out to my favorite little restaurant, Lula's for lunch and had their wonderful Grain Bowl. If by chance you are ever in Chicago, by all means, go to Lula's! Fabulous food, and you just might find me there too :)  

I adore African violets. I picked up 3 and made a little arrangement. They have continued to delight me with blooms.

*There's a wonderful little store here in Chicago called Bari Zaki Studio. They do book binding, have book binding classes, and sell the most delightful pencils, colored pencils, paper, and notebooks.   

I decided that I needed an art fix, so I went in and purchased 6 of their lovely colored pencils. The entire experience was one that truly fed my soul. They wrapped my little purchase in the lovely handmade wrapper that you see below. Even the receipt was given the utmost attention by putting it in the lovely envelope and adding their sticker. 

When I got home, I took a look at the clip and realized that attention had been paid to the smallest of details by wrapping the clip with a bit of Japanese paper. Six little pencils could not have given me more joy!

*I treated my eyes to something special. Just put the eye masks on for 30 minutes and let your mind float away. Heaven! 

*On another day, I soaked for an hour in an epsom salt bath.

*I love lilies! I had thought that I would just purchase the usual stargazer lilies, but when I arrived at the store, they had these lovely Asian lilies. Take note of how full the blooms are. Each and every time that I walk into the room, their fragrance reminds me that I took the time to do a little something just for me! 

*For the last day of my challenge, I sat down and finished the sweater that I had started. I just love it :) It's sleeveless, so more of a vest than a sweater, but it will be nice to wear over a long sleeve t-shirt next winter.

Although the initial challenge is over, as I said earlier in this post, I now see just how important it is to not loose sight of doing for ourselves. Going forward, I have decided to take a suggestion from Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way. Each week plan an "artist's date," something that I actually schedule so that I can look forward to it, even if it's just a trip to Starbuck's for a cup of tea. From time to time, I hope to share a few of those dates with you.

I hope that my little journey has inspired you, to maybe slow down a bit and do something that makes your soul sing. Night before last, I received a phone call from a friend's son. She had gone in for a procedure, something that was done in her doctor's office. During the procedure, her heart rate plummeted, and she was without oxygen for more than 5 minutes. In the blink of an eye, this precious soul was gone. Her passing has reminded me of just how fleeting this life is. By all means, take some time to be good to you.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Monday Morning Inspiration/Dior Beads and Embroidery

The Haute Couture Club of Chicago annual fashion show was held this past Sunday. Our member, Stephanie, who blogs HERE, along with her daughter did such an amazing job with the show. Once it was over...I was exhausted! So, I decided to take a "take care of Rhonda day" yesterday. It was just what I needed :) I'll share more about the pieces I had in the show later this week. But, I thought I would go ahead and post this week's edition of the Denver Art Museum's Dior exhibit. As I looked through my pictures, I realized that I had neglected to share the beaded pieces. They are far to spectacular not to share. I'll finish up next week with the whimsical garments.   

Talk about shimmy when you shake! They should have held a contest to guess how many beads are in this dress ;)

Although this dress is fairly heavy with bead work, it still has a lighter than air quality.  

Here's a close look at the hem. So very pretty.

The exhibit included a few of the bead work samples. Just amazing!

This gown was especially interesting.

So feminine.

Now take a look at the front. Can you imagine doing all of this bead work???

I thought that the gown above was impressive until I saw the one below. This piece is completely embroidered with seed beads! How many people went blind doing this one??? The contest for this one could have been to guess how much it weighs!

Another beauty. All of the embroidery and the bead work, just gorgeous.

Now that's I've taken the class on Tambour Beading/Embroidery, I truly understand the process and work that goes into these spectacular pieces of work. Each and everyone one belong in an art museum.

As I said, next week I will finish up with the whimsical pieces from the collection. Some were just such fun! I think you will enjoy them :)

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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