Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Barbie Blue and Doggies Too

Just after I got back home from my vacation, a box arrived that I wasn't expecting. A lovely lady who is a member of our sewing club, the Haute Couture Club of Chicago, surprised me with a box of 21 pillowcases. I had no idea that she was making them. Aren't unexpected surprises just the best?!! Alison is just as I said, such a lovely lady, soft spoken, kind, and very generous. Below are her 21 cases. I see that the light is beginning to change. I probably should have photographed these later in the day, but it is hot as blazes here in Chicago, so I wanted to get this done early in the day.  
Alison did as all of you have done, some very unique and fun combinations like the bicycles paired with a camping print.
 Mater!!! from the movies Cars.
What little boy, or girl for that matter wouldn't love to drift away dreaming about touring the country in a red Camero?!!
I really love all the cases, but I usually have a favorite and I just bet you can guess why I love this pillowcase!
 Yup! It's Barbie blue and has doggies too :) Just too much fun.
A parting shot. Thanks so much Alison for all the work you did and especially for the surprise. It was a great one.

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  1. Wow, these are fabulous, Rhonda! I'm thrilled at how many people are joining this adventure of yours!!! I have made as many as I can and just need you to sendme your mailing address. Thanks again for being such an inspiration.

    1. It is amazing isn't it! Just today I received two more cases from a lady who had sent some early on. I was so surprised when I went to our Haute Couture meeting on Saturday as so many of my fellow members came bearing pillowcase gifts. I think I collected at least 30 and I din't even know that they had been working on them.

  2. Oh and you don't need to approve this message, but it would help me and probably others if you we're to include the link to the tutorial every time you post photos of these. :)

    1. Thanks Sandra. I'll do that. I repeat myself so much and have been afraid that everyone is tired of hearing me say the same thing.

  3. If I lived in the states, I'd send you some pillowcases. Our postal charges are so exhorbitant here in Canada!! Besides , I have "choir scarves "to make for my church and am feeling overwhelmed by this oh so boring type of sewing! I know. Excuses,excuses. I'm so admiring of the generosity of all the ladies who have contributed to your very worthy project. God Bless you all!