Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

The iconic white shirt, we love them and yet we, at least I, never seem to have enough in my wardrobe. So here are a few fun ideas.
Soft ruffles and a classic collar.
A long fitted shirt with black buttons accenting the collar and French cuffs.
 Fun, fussy sleeves.
 A tuxedo shirt.
 A classic shirt with a pleated back. Would be fun with jeans.
 Stitching detail.
Wrapped and tied.
 From Donna Karan

 Add a few hard accents like zippered pockets and gold buttons.
A double collar.
 Or maybe make a number of interchangeable collars so the shirt always looks fresh and new.
 This is more of a t-shirt, but a lovely accent, or a pop of color around the shirt would be pretty.
 A bow accent. You can find a pattern from Ralph Pink and make a fitted version.
Or how about turning it all around and buttoning it up the back?
Hope this gives you a little inspiration to add a few fun white shirts to your wardrobe.
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Hi Rhonda! Fabulous collection of white shirts! Note----for a great Tuxedo-shirt step-by-step pattern draft "How-to"...there is a fab article by David Page Coffin in the Feb/March Vogue Pattern Magazine :)

    1. Thanks Pam. Is that the 2014 edition? '

    2. Yes Rhonda, VPM Feb/March 2014. I have it burned into my memory because David, always skeptical of fusible interfacings, used one from my line for the article-garment, and said how he *now* recommends the interfacings I have custom-manufactured! What a cool endorsement, kwim?

    3. Thanks Pam. I'll have to see about getting the magazine as I don't have that issue.

  2. I love white shirts but tend to drop stuff down them. Doesn't ever happen in a dark coloured one. I blame the fabric gods. These are all lovely. Xx

  3. I love the idea of interchangeable collars! Wonder how that could be done well?

    1. Hi Becki, I did a post for Sew News with a detachable colllar. Here's a link, http://www.sewnews.com/blogs/sewing/2013/05/08/guest-blogger-rhonda-buss-collar-tutorial/

  4. Oh, Rhonda, that first shirt...wow. Do you know who's it is?

    1. Oh Mary, I'm sorry, but I have no idea who the designer is. You could copy this without a problem.

  5. Let's try this again! LOVE white shirts. Thanks for the post. Can never have too many white shirts or black bottoms (trousers/skirts).