Thursday, April 1, 2021

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday, A Look Back at The Flutter Top

If you aren't on Instagram, I strongly encourage you to open an account!!! The inspiration is incredible!!! 

For the month of March, Sam of Fruglisama, and Ruan of The Yorkshire Sew Girl  hosted a challenge, make up a dress with a free pattern, and use something from your stash. Okay, easy enough. As I thought about the free pattern that I would like to use, there are millions!!!!, I decided to use 1 of my own free patterns. Why not?!! After all, I've invested a lot of time and energy into my Fabulous Free Pattern Friday series. 

The tunic/top below was actually done 10 years ago :/ Amazing! But, it's still great all these years later. I called it The Flutter Top as the draped side flutters when you walk :) You can find the free instructions HERE

I had found a lovely piece of silk at the resale shop. I'm always amazed by what people give away. The size of the piece was perfect for the project. There wasn't enough to do a belt, but I also had a lovely piece of silk that had been given to me, and I liked how the 2 pieces worked together.  

This piece could not be simpler, it's just a rectangle. I left arm openings on the side seams. The drape section is created with just a simple vertical seam. A large buttonhole was done at the waistline for the tie belt to go through. The selvedge edge was so nice, so I left it and did not even hem dress.

Here you can see me move in the dress :)

Just in case you missed the link, you can find the instructions HERE. A great piece for spring/summer wear. If you make a shorter tunic length, it looks fabulous with pants, especially a pair of very flowy pants. 

Winter is quickly coming to an end. I am off for my very last day of skiing. Kinda makes me sad :(  But, there's so much to look forward to, kayaking, lovely hikes with Berkley, working in my garden. We always need to look for the bright side of everything!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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