Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting Back On The Horse

A few weeks ago I noticed on Facebook that Sandra Betzina was sponsoring a contest, Spring Into Fall. You were supposed to create a coat that would be a great fall coat. I had this outfit made, so I thought, what the heck and sent in a picture of the coat. I won third place!! I'm surprised that I won at all. I had such a difficult time getting a picture to download. The picture I submitted was awful (seems to be a theme with me lately). I didn't realize that I could submit more than one picture.

The entire outfit is a three piece outfit. The over jacket is a Vogue Sandra Betzina pattern. Sadly the pattern has been discontinued. I did notice that on the Power Sewing website they do have some discontinued patterns for sale so you might be able to pick one up there. And then there's always Ebay. It's worth a try. It's really a great pattern.
I bought the wool I used a while back. It's actually double faced. My problem is that if I'm not cold, I get cold easily so I make my clothes with that in mind. Rather than make the coat reversibile, I lined it with a nice flannel back lining and used the opposite side of the fabric to face the collar. I was determined to get the entire outfit out of the fabric so I ended up with scrapes for the passementerie. But it worked.
The passementerie was cut on the bias. I did my design on one side, made a pattern and then copied it on to the opposite collar. This photograph shows how I ended the work.

A view of the center back.

A close up of the collar detail.

I top stitched all the seams in yellow.
After I finished the coat, I realized that I could hide a small button on the shoulder seam and put a small loop on the collar and have the collar up around my neck. Remember, I get cold easily so this was a very nice discovery!

The jacket that I made to wear under the top jacket is from a vintage DuBarry pattern from the early 1930's. I love this jacket. And now you will hate me. I didn't have to make one alteration. It was as if the pattern had been made for me.

A close up of the bound buttonholes. The buttons are vintage buttons I found at Soutache here in Chicago. The owner of Soutache carries the most wonderful buttons and she also has a great selection of vintage buttons as well. Worth checking out.

The fabric I used for the lining is vintage silk that was meant to be used for ties. It's really great. I think the cars are vintage Bentley's. Ah, we can always dream.

The pattern I used for the pants is a vintage McCall's pattern fron the 40's. I find that the pants patterns from the 40's have a very low crotch, so I did do a few alterations. I love the detail of the pocket.
I love this outfit. It's so versitile. The over coat works great with jeans as well as other slacks. One aspect of the pattern that I didn't like was the pocket. I ended up tacking it to the lining so that it would lay flat. That's a minor detail though.
I won one of Sandra's books, Fabric Savy. It's a great book. Something I think any sewer would like having. It gives great information on what type of thread and needles to use with different types of fabric as well as tips on how to work with the fabric. Christmas is coming. I'm sure you've been so good. You've sewn all the fabric you bought this last year so you deserve a little treat. I don't think there's a seamstress out there who doesn't have a pile of fabric waiting to be sewn. I know I do and it's more than a pile!!
Happy sewing.

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