Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

The summer is just flying by. I just can't believe that it's almost the middle of August! Before I know it, fall will be here. Oh well, I would rather wonder where the summer has gone than to feel that it will never end :)
So many of you enjoyed the pockets that I posted for Monday Morning Inspiration a few weeks back. I came across a few more that I thought you might like to see, so I decided to have a pockets Part 2. 
Circles are always fun.
 The dress is very over the top, but the pocket would be pretty in a toned down version.
 I have a pocket similar to this on a ski jacket and I absolutely love it.
 I think the black is just a detail, but the idea would make an interesting double pocket.
 Great pocket detail on this 8 gore skirt.
 Super interesting.
 A vintage jacket, but I like the idea of a pocket in a peplum.
This pocket idea was sent to me by Chris. Hi Chris! It is quite large, and would be difficult for most to wear, especially on their hip. But a scaled down version on a jacket would be very interesting.
We all love pockets, so I hope this inspires an idea for you.
Have a wonderful day. I'll be back a little later with the winner of the Hot Patterns Summer Breeze pattern.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Rhonda, these are great. I love the pocket in the red dress and the suit is amazing. Do you think that it is a Lilli Ann? I love the last pocket too but agree that it wouldn't be very flatterng on anyone but the most svelte of figure. I think that this can be a bit of a recurring problem with some couture designs. Just as well I don't buy any. ;) xx