Friday, May 31, 2013

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

This is a two-fer kind of a day since it's Friday and the last day of Me Made May 2013.
You may remember this skirt, kinda sorta! I did another version,
with 8 bandannas.
The skirt I am wearing uses only 4 napkins.
The principal is exactly the same as the skirt I did with 8 bandannas, but with only 4 napkins, it's a much straighter skirt.
My napkins were only 18" wide and I do not have 36" hips so I needed a little extra room and I also wanted the skirt to be a shorter version than the original one..
To add the extra room through the hips, I simply cut one border edge off of the napkin and sewed it to the side which gave the look of a panel down the side of the skirt. Once I had the main area of the skirt finished, I then added the other 2 napkins which I had cut in half diagonally, to the hem of the skirt. You can see the original post with more instructions here, http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2012/02/fabulous-free-pattern-friday-with-prize.html
I was especially lazy with the waistband of the skirt. I simply took a piece of elastic and zigzagged it to the area where I wanted my waistband to be.
No casing whatsoever. It gives a bit of a paper bag look to the waistband.
The formula for this skirt is simply, however many napkins or bandannas that you use for the top portion of the skirt, you will use the same amount for the hem. Just cut them diagonally. So if you use 3 bandannas for the top of the skirt, you will need 3 for the hem area. Once again, just cut them diagonally.
So, that's it for Me Made May. Boy oh boy did this month ever fly by. It seems like we just began. It's been fun though!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Me Made May 2013 Catching Up

May is getting away from me. We only have one more day left in May, so I need to do a little catch up.
Day 24
Last Friday we were supposed to do something to depict our home town. I was busy working on projects last Friday and more often than not, this is my uniform when I know that I won't really being seeing anyone. Not very exciting, I know. I did not make the jeans or the white t-shirt. The only thing I'm wearing that I did make is the t-shirt.
T-shirts with logos are usually not made like I would like for them to be made. So what I usually do is buy an x-large t-shirt, cut it apart and then I use this old Stretch & Sew pattern to make a t-shirt that I'll enjoy wearing.
This t-shirt came from what was my favorite airport restaurant, Shannon's Landing. Sadly, the recession did it in and it is no longer open. At least I have the t-shirt and the fun memories. 
I should have been a cowgirl! I have owned and loved pink cowgirl boots my entire life. The leather is beginning to split on these so it will be time for a new pair soon. The sad part about it it that these are so comfortable. I just hate to give them up :(
Day 26
On Sunday my husband and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. I was a child bride by the way ;-) We had a lovely day. There's a restaurant that I have been wanting to try since they opened and I wanted to try their brunch. I did not disappoint. If you are ever in Chicago I highly recommend having brunch at Nightwood. Everything was so very good. It was cold on Sunday. Funny since today is as hot as Hades! That's Chicago weather for you. Anyway, I was cold so I decided to dress warmly.
The sleeve on this jacket was done for this Sleeves On Saturday post.
The picture isn't the best as I look a little heavy in the picture with the wide leg pants and the swing jacket. In real life is looks pretty nice together. I lined the jacket with the same fabric that I used for the top. I also have a matching skirt, but I never wear the skirt and top with the jacket as it is a very full skirt.
The top is fun to wear. The front is cut on the bias and the back is on the straight of grain. I need to make the pants in another fabric so that the details show up a little better.
Day 27
I did this top for a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post. It's the Draped Poet's Blouse. I wear this top quite a bit in the summer as it just floats around the body. I did not make the t-shirt or the leggings.

 You can find the post I did on this top here.
Day 28
I taught a class and it was really warm on Tuesday. I wanted something that I wouldn't melt in so I wore this dress which is one of my patterns. When I originally drafted the pattern, it was intended to have sleeves. I love it with sleeves, but I also enjoy it without sleeves. The neckline drapes in an asymmetrical fashion. One sleeve is a regular set in sleeve and the other side is a drop shoulder sleeve.
Day 29
I had a lot of errands to do on Wednesday, so I just threw on a pair of tights that I did make. They are a stretch denim fabric. The vest is a FFPF piece, just two rectangles. You can find that post here. I also made my necklace and bracelet, although you really can't see them very well. The beads are African beads.
Day 30
Today I was teaching again and I decided to wear my Perfect Travel Dress. So comfortable and easy to wear. I call this mindless dressing as all I have to do is throw on the dress and out the door I go. You can find the post for this dress here.
I need to find the pictures from last Thursday and Saturday, tomorrow :) There's still another day!
Me Made May has been a very interesting experience for me. It's something that I'm very happy to have done.
Until tomorrow!

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We Almost Have Our First 100!!

I received more pillowcases!!! This is just sooo exciting!!! 
Inside the package were 8 lovely little cases from Ilse.
Two were made from "Dora The Explorer" fabric. Ilse said that she had a bear of a time trying to line up the fabric and had thought that she might not send these, but in the end she did and I am very happy. I think they are just adorable. You can see that my new clothespin bag is coming in quite handy. As I pinned up these cases yesterday and slid my bag along the line, I couldn't help but think about helping my grandmother with the laundry. She never had a dryer, everything was hung on the line to dry and no clothes ever smelled better! She never had such a cute little clothespin bag. If you missed that post, here's a link, http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2013/05/fabulous-free-pattern-friday_24.html
We are just about to hit our first 100 donated pillowcase for Mary Bridge. As I shared with you when we started this project, the hospital goes trough 900 pillowcases in a month. Most of the pillowcases go to children, but pillowcases are also given to those in hospice. At such a critical time in one's life, it must be wonderful to lay your head on a lovely handmade pillowcase and know that someone cared enough to make something so bright and special.
If you would like to participate, there is plenty of time as this project will continue on throughout the summer. I'm hoping for that 900 number!! Here is a link to the pattern, http://siterepository.s3.amazonaws.com/00569201012271239106026.pdf
You do not have to use this pattern, whatever method you prefer will be fine. Email me, sewbussted@yahoo.com and let me know that you are participating. When the cases are delivered to the hospital, I will also include a list of everyone who has participated.
I'm hoping to have the first 100 in the next few days. If I do, I plan to string up lines across my garden and photograph all the cases. I think it will be quite a picture! I can't wait!!
Have a wonderful day.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Raised Neckline Collar Tutorial

The tutorial for this collar is up on the Sew News blog! You can find it here,  http://www.sewnews.com/blogs/sewing/2013/05/28/rhonda-buss-the-raised-collar-neckline-tutorial/
If you are enjoying the collar tutorials, be sure to let Sew News know. They just might invite me back for more!

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Collar Drafting Update

Last week's collar for the Sew News blog did not get published. They were having some difficulty with their site. They had asked if I would like for it to go up once they got the situation figured out, or if I would like to wait and have it posted this week. I told them to just hold it until today. So, hopefully, they'll be able to get it up today. In the meantime, I thought I would give you a sneak peak.
You may recognize the sleeve from this Sleeves On Saturdays post.
The collar is a very simple collar to draft as it is just an extension of the pattern.
This collar looks good on just about everyone as it lengthens the neck.
As soon as the post goes up on the Sew News blog, I'll let you know!

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Morning Inspiration

As I'm sure you have already figured out, I have a lot of fashion books. I am truly enjoying sharing them with you as it gives me a chance to go through and enjoy the treasures between the pages. Today's book is a small one.
There are a number of designers that this company has showcased in a rather short version. I was lucky enough to pick up my copy on a sale table. What a great little find it has been as I refer to it quite often. I'm only sharing a few of the designs featured in this book, so if you think that you might like to have a copy of your own, you can find a link to the book here on Amazon. Valentino's style is iconic and his career has stretched over a 50 year period.
Animal prints are among Valentino's favorites and he often used them in his designs during the 1960s.
 A suit from his Shadow collection, 1979-1980.

A cape worn by Audrey Hepburn in triple layers of black silk organza. 1969-1970.
The Flower. Another cape in triple layers of silk organza cut in the shape of rose petals.
 Inspired by the geometrical drawings of Weiner Werkstatte. Spring, 1996.
 Inspired by the work of Josef Hoffman. Fall/Winter 1989-90.
The book features a number of Valentino's drawings. Once again, the Hoffman influence. Such an incredible evening coat.

 An evening at the opera designed by Valentino in 1953, but the dress was not made until 1991.

A few of his red dresses. Valentino believes red to be a fascinating color, the color of life, blood and death, passion and love, the ultimate cure for sadness.
Hmmm, I think I will try and wear a little red this week!
As always, wishing you a wonderful week.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Saturday Hello

I'm taking a day off from Sleeves On Saturdays. I think you might get the message from the above picture. I MUST clean my house!!! I have guests coming for dinner, so something must give and sadly it's the sleeve! 
In loo of the sleeve post today, I thought I would quickly share a few pictures of what some have done with the Anyway Which Way You Want top.
Back in April I taught a class on the top. I thought you might get a kick out of a picture that was taken of me working away. You're not getting the entire picture though. You can see that my hair is pulled back, but what you can't see is that I've pulled off my shoes. Very typical of me when I'm sewing, hair goes up and shoes come off!!! 
Here are two of the lovely ladies who took a chance on the pattern. Sue is on the left and Arnita is on the right. Both are such good friends. They do everything in their power to promote what I do. Such a gift! Another member of the Haute Couture Club of Chicago also made up the top and did a fabulous job and even dyed her fabric. The top is incredible, but I can't find a picture of it. I'll keep looking as I know you would enjoy seeing it.
This past week I received a message from Barbara. She was working on the same top and was having a few problems. As it turns out, it was easily fixed as she had the point of the triangle going up towards the shoulder. Once I explained that it went towards the hem, she was off and running. When I awoke this morning, I saw her message along with a picture of her finished top. She said that it is just too cold in Europe to wear it at the moment, but I am sure warmer days are coming :)
I love how everyone takes the pattern and then adapts it to their own style. Just wonderful. Thanks so much ladies for giving it a try. I'm always honored when you do!
My original top.
If you would like to see the original post and get the instructions, here is the link, http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2011/08/fabulous-free-pattern-fridays-but.html
Have a wonderful day. I think that this how I will look once this day is over!!!!!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

Let me begin by saying that this is not my usual Free Pattern Friday post. First and foremost, it is not my design, but I feel that it is such a cute item and so, I want everyone to know about it, at least everyone who might happen to pass by this blog. In a way, this is a combination post of Fabulous Free Pattern Friday and The Wednesday Showcase. It has been a while now since I showcased Maria Jose of http://cosircosersewing.blogspot.com/. I have so enjoyed getting to know her through her blog. She is exceptionally creative, so if by chance you are not following her blog, you might want to just so you'll be one of the first to see the things she posts. She does the most wonderful bags, great clothing and the recipes are a delight as well. Although Maria has no idea that I am doing this, this post is a bit of a guest post since it is her idea.
Isn't this just the cutest thing?!!!
And here's mine! This was such a fun project. With all the pillowcase that I am photographing(happily!!)for the Mary Bride project, I needed something for my clothes pins as I was getting tired of lugging around the ugly plastic bag that they came in. I think this is so much better than the ugly plastic bag :)
You can see my clothes pins inside the dress. The little carrot clothes pins were something I purchased while visiting one of our exchange students in Germany. They have been in a drawer for years. When I pulled out this fabric, I immediately thought about them and thought they they would be a nice touch. 
Here is the link to Maria's pattern http://cosircosersewing.blogspot.com/2013/04/antes-muerta-que-sencilla-once.html. The post is in Spanish, but you will not need to translate it as her pictures are so well done that like me you'll be able to copy the pattern without a problem.
I used a lightweight fusible fleece inside my bag to give it a little more body. My lining does not extend to the bottom of the skirt as it would make it difficult to access the clothes pins. I stopped my lining about 2" below the waistline area. One other thing is to make sure that you don't get the hanger area too tight. Mine is a little too snug so I had to open up the seam of one of the sleeves in order to get my hanger in. I then hand sewed the seam back together so it wasn't an issue, but if I ever make another, I will keep in my that I need to have a little more ease around the hanger.
I think these would make the most wonderful gifts. Everyone seems to want to at least have the option to hang their clothes out to dry in the summer and even if you don't, the bag is a lovely item to have in your laundry room. This is an item that can easily be customized for the person to whom it will be given. So much creativity can go into them and once you've done the first, they can be made up in no time at all.
Thank you Maria for such a cute little item!

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