Friday, January 29, 2021

Creatures Great and Small

Can you believe that January is almost over?!!! It seems like this month just started and now it's over!

Over the years, I have received some lovely messages about the little Christmas Creatures that I make each year for my husband. I absolutely love doing this, and he especially looks forward to what the new creature will be. So sweet. He now has quite the collection.

In the fall, while I'm out walking Berkley, I pick up seeds that catch my eye. When I get back home, I have a plate that I keep on my kitchen windowsill where I place my little treasures. They all sit there waiting for a couple of months. I usually put the little creature together on Christmas Eve. Talk about pressure!!! But, I have found that when I don't have time to think, the little creatures tell me who they want to be. I know that may sound silly, but that's how it seems to work.

This year I was determined to only use what I had picked up over the previous months. After years of collecting seed pods, I have quite the collection! So here's the little guy that came to life :)

His little furry tail came off of some sort of weed. 

He seems so happy :)

A few years ago, I found this old box. I had shelves and a glass front installed. So now all the creatures have a quirky place to live. The guy on top is just too large to live inside, so he keeps watch over everyone ;) 

I so enjoy looking at the collection!

I took all the creatures out of the cabinet and placed them on my mantle so that I could do a little video. 

All of the creatures seem to have a happiness about them. I think it's because of how I feel when I help them come to life. Who knows? ;)

I love sharing these fun little guys. Hope you've enjoyed seeing them!

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Sewing With Friends

With the pandemic looming large over our lives, we have had to figure out new ways to connect. Maybe I'm being a little too honest here, but I just don't like Zoom meetings. I know I am not alone as a friend of mine and I were talking about this and she too just doesn't like meeting via Zoom. It takes less time, true enough, but there's just something to be said for getting up, getting dressed, going to a meeting, and having physical contact with those you enjoy being with. 

Back in the late fall I returned home and found piles of fabric in my garage. At first, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was as if a fabric fairy had snuck into my garage and left me an incredible gift. Even the tooth fairy was never this generous!!! As I stood there dumbfounded, my mind began to race as to how the fabric could have gotten there. So, whoever did this had to have a key to my garage. There's only 1 person other than my husband and I who has access to the garage. I called my friend, and sure enough, he had been the fairy!

In the pile of fabric were 3 bolts of wool, beige, pink and a light blue. The beige/camel bolt had the most yardage. I divided the bolt into 5 yard increments and washed it. I even dried it! It felted a bit, but not so much, so I knew that it wasn't 100% wool. But, it is still lovely.

I gave 5 yards to a friend of mine so that she and I can do coats. Our coats will be similar, but different. In an upcoming post I'll share her coat pattern.

Since I have quite a bit of yardage, I decided that this was my opportunity to use a vintage pattern that I have had for quite some time.

The wool did not photograph all that well. I still need to steam it.

I absolutely love this pattern!!! I plan to extend the sleeves as I will not wear a short sleeved coat.

You can see from the pattern diagram that lengthening the sleeve will not be a problem.

My friend and I are talking once a week about our projects. Some of our conversations are face time, and others are just regular telephone conversations. The project gives us a great excuse to talk, and in the end, we'll have something fun that we worked on together whether we could meet in person or not. 

My friend who gave me the fabric is so excited about the project, and that I was able to find something fun to do with the wool. So, this is a win, win project all around :)

My friend with whom I am doing the project has an embroidery machine. She is making dragon flies for us to attach to our coats. The project just keeps getting better and better!!!

If you are missing having interaction with a friend, or friends, maybe you can take a little cue from us and do a project together. Like I said, just having an excuse to talk makes such a huge difference. 

Keep Sewing!!!


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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A Unique Vintage Opportunity

I received a message from a sewing friend who has decided to let go of a few of her vintage magazine treasures. Here's a sampling;  

The above photograph is from the book pictured below, an entire publication devoted to furs. While many no longer wear the real thing, I think the pictures provide inspiration for working with faux fur. 

The pictures below are from Les Parisiennes, such lovely French magazines.

The collection includes 8 magazines, including Vogue and Simplicity. Such a lovely opportunity to develop a library of vintage fashion.

You can find the Ebay listing HERE. If you go to the site, you'll see other pictures that I have not included. If you think you're interested, don't delay, the listing ends on Tuesday, January 19, 2021!!! 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Keeping a Record

 A few years ago I started keeping a record of the books I read throughout the year. What prompted me to do it was while looking back over the year, my first thought was that I had not accomplished much, and that I had not read anything! :/ But, once I began to really think about the past year, I realized that I had done more than I gave myself credit for.  So, for the last few years, I have kept a record in my yearly planner. I also keep a record of what I've knitted. But, I have not kept a record of what I've sewn. Go figure!!!

So, this year I've decided to not only keep a record of my completed sewing projects, but I've decided to keep a lovely notebook with details about each garment. 

I went online and searched free sewing planners, and found a few that I really like.

The planner that I will most likely go with is from Simple Simon & Company. You can find it HERE.  I like that it's very clean, and detailed enough, but not overly so. 

So far this year, I have completed 3 projects. Trust me, they were all quite simple. I have the swatches on my pages, and I'll get the details filled in later today. I think it's best to do it right away while the project is still fresh in my mind.

Another planner that I found that is quite nice is from Sewing and Quilting Club. With this planner, they have included a notions and accents section where you can just circle rather than having to write out everything. You can find their planner HERE

I also found a wonderful planner from Seamwork,which is free. This planner is based on developing a collection rather than just 1 garment.

There are pages that can be used as a sewing record.

But, if you would like to actually plan a mini wardrobe capsule, the planner will walk you through the entire process. You can find the Seamwork planner HERE

I'm really excited about keeping a sewing diary of sorts. I have a feeling that I am in for a learning experience. We'll see!!! :)

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Monday Morning Inspiration/Purpose

A very late Happy New Year!

When our world as we knew it seemed to end last year, I had my moments of shock, and then I decided to focus on what I could do, and not on what I couldn't. As it turned out, I had a spectacular year. Yes, there were moments that were especially difficult. Some of you may remember that a friend of mine died on May 6th(not from COVID), and I am the executor of her estate. Trying to get anything accomplished was so very difficult with all the COVID restrictions. There was one moment when I felt that I just could not do it. But, I allowed myself the moment, then grabbed my boot straps, and figured out ways to accomplish what needed to be done. I'm not finished yet, but close.

Although I had a wonderful year, I have questioned my life, and have had moments where I have felt great despair. Maybe you have as well. I came across this, and it spoke to me in such a profound way, so, for my first post of this new year, I thought I would share it. I hope that it will touch you as it has me :)

"What is my purpose in life?" I asked the void.

"What if I told you that you fulfilled it when you took an extra hour to talk to that kid about his life?" said the voice.

"Or, when you paid for that young couple in the restaurant? Or, when you saved that dog in traffic? Or, when you tied your father's shoes for him?"

"Your problem is that you equate your purpose with goal-based achievements. The universe isn't interested in your achievements...

Just Your Heart.

When you choose to act out of kindness, compassion, and love, you are already aligned with your true purpose."       

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