Thursday, November 7, 2013


WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've known since Monday, I've wanted so badly to shout it out from the top of my lungs, but everyone deserves their time to be recognized, so I had to wait.

Can you believe it?!! It really happened!
As I said, I received the package on Monday from Laura who is still "Blogless in Delaware." I love that :) I told Laura that one of my favorite movies is "Sleepless in Seattle," and her little title always makes me think of the movie. I've probably watched that movie, well, more than 10 times and probably closer to 20. I can say the lines right along with the actors.
This is Laura's second contribution. Thank you so much!

 In the last pillowcase post, we had 894 pillowcases, so with Laura's 14, we are now at 908 and climbing.
Nancy of www.sewwest.blogspot.com  told me, "You will reach a 1000." I think we will.
Your generosity is astounding. Laura included a note with her cases and she said, "You had to set this goal before it could be reached; keep on aiming for the stars!" I think her words are something we can all take to heart in every aspect of our lives.
I talked to a friend on Tuesday and told her that we had reached our goal. She too has contributed twice to the project. She told me that she thought that there was no way that we would reach 900 pillowcases. Over the last months, she would caution me, but I refused to speak anything but positive words over the project. The only time that I have been a little cautious, was with my pilot friend who has done the aerial photos for us. When he flew over and saw the first 100, he was extremely excited and said that I needed to contact the news stations and let them know what I'm doing as they love human interest stories. He's friends with all the helicopter pilots for the various stations and offered to talk directly to them. I said that I wanted to wait. I didn't want to bring in such public exposure in the event that we didn't make it. That was the only time that I let a little fear slip out.
Last year, this project brought in 4,500 pillowcases at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington. Percentage wise, what we have done is huge. Our numbers are basically 25% of the the total of last year's donations. We came together and made something incredible happen.
I am planning to hang the 900 pillowcases the day after Thanksgiving. I think that is a very appropriate time. I'm going to be a mess I'm sure. As I was folding Laura's cases this morning, I'll admit that I shed a few tears.
As I said, the count continues to grow. I've received a number of messages that cases are making their way to me at this very moment. Lisa, of www.poldapop.blogspot.com is hosting an Advent pillowcase making party at her church in December. She said that her pastor is very excited about it. I think it is such a unique way to celebrate this time of year. If you have wanted to contribute to the project, but for whatever reason have not been able to, you are most welcome to send in cases until February 1st. At that time, I will be boxing up the cases and sending them on to Tacoma.
Thank you again for all you've done to make this happen.

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  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Can you hear me from Texas?

    1. I can, I can!!!!!! Thanks for all you did to make this possible Linda :)

  2. Rhonda, you are absolutely amazing. And these are gorgeous.

  3. Congratulations on such an achievement!

  4. SO COOL!!!! You are such a good motivator for the rest of us to "put the petal to the metal" on our home sewing machines......thanks for everything you do!

  5. Rhonda, your kind and generous spirit shows in everything you do. The fact that you've collected 900+ cases and counting is proof that all the good you put out in the world is coming right back at you!

  6. A very heartfelt congratulations to you Rhonda and all the contributors of pillowcases! What a wonderful accomplishment! You are a real inspiration!

  7. Fabulous accomplishment, Rhonda! Congratulations to everyone who helped make this happen, but the pilot should be especially proud!

  8. Oh, dear Rhonda! I'm so excited to hear this ... Congratulations to you and all the ladies who have contributed generously to it. This is a milestone! And how big is that it will be more ....

  9. Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment!

  10. Congratulations I feel bad I haven't contributed but was supporting you in everything you have managed to achieve - shouting from the Maldives x