Friday, November 1, 2013

Short On Fabric But Not Determination

The pillowcases continue to roll in. I've received three packages in the last few days. Sadly, I wasn't able to post pictures yesterday as it rained the entire day. Sadly, Halloween was shot for children in the Chicago area. As for how many pillowcases I actually have, I will keep you in suspense as I feel that everyone deserves their moment on the clothesline.
Today I am so please to share with you the cases that Cynthia of http://oneattatime.blogspot.com/ made for the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital pillowcase drive. Her twelve brings us to 853. Closer, closer, closer!!!
 Such a rainbow of colors.
In her letter, Cynthia said that she had ordered fabric from an Etsy site and when it arrived, it was not large enough to make a pillowcase. I have a feeling that the fabric was sold in half yard increments rather than an entire yard. I too have been burned by this before.  But Cynthia was determined to not be outdone by the short fabric, so she was off to her local fabric store where she bought perfectly matching coordinates.

I think that the cases are all the prettier with the solid colors on top. Way to go Cynthia!
 Included in her package was a little present for me. Such a beautiful piece.
It's a tape measure! I'm not sure if the flower in the center is supposed to be a daisy or edelweiss.
I've decided that it is edelweiss. The flower is grown in the mountain regions of Germany and Austria and represents purity, lasting love and rugged mountain splendor. Rather nice I think :)
Cynthia included this lovely letter and I would like to share it with you. Over the last few years, she has meant so much to me. It was because of an encouraging note that she sent me that I decided to enter the Passion For Fashion again contest two years ago. 
Thank you Cynthia for the pillowcases, the lovely gift that I will truly treasure and even more for giving me the shot of encouragement that I need from time to time!
Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I will have another pillowcase post for you tomorrow as we inch closer and closer to 900.
Have a wonderful day.

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  1. My friend...you are more than welcome! I remain more grateful than you know for the opportunity. The cases certainly look good blowing on the line in your backyard! Make sure you share with your followers events of the day you present all the cases to the hospital. I know you will look absolutely smashing and will relay the deep commitment of each participant to this project.

    I had no idea you would share my letter, but am relieved there are no mis-spelling or glaring grammatical errors. :) I am happier still that you appreciate the symbolism of the design and my intention when including the measuring tape for you in the box.

    I remain just over your shoulder whispering, "Go ahead....give it a try!" And, remain within arms reach should you need any help.

    Always....your friend...


  2. Those cases are darling! Why didn't I think of that? I bet every one of us has had "too little" of a print to do the big part with. For that hospital to use 900 of these A MONTH, there must be other bloggers out there doing this too. I wonder.
    Hugs, Joy