Sunday, November 3, 2013

Betty Gets Booped On A Horse!

Good Morning Everyone! It is a very bright and crisp fall morning  here in Chicago. As I walked the dogs, I just couldn't help but marvel at the spectacular display of colors.
Because the light is so lovely, and because I have quite a few pillowcases to share, I wanted to get this post out early this morning. Joy of http://joyful-expressions.blogspot.com/ sent in a second contribution to the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital pillowcase drive. Joy has had a lot on her plate lately, her mother-in-law died just about a week ago and she and her husband are dealing with some health issues that he is having. I think that making the cases gave Joy a wonderful escape and she said, "it is such a blessing to be able to do something for a child." She told me that she has quite a stash of fabrics and once they get past her husband's health issues, she plans to make quilts for her local hospital. Wonderful! So with Joy's  10, our numbers grow to 875!!!!!
I got the biggest kick out of the Betty Boop goes western pillowcases.

 And the other pillowcases are just as bright and cheerful as Joy's spirit.
 Thank you so much Joy for all you've done for the project.
As I said, the colors this morning were such a delight for the senses so I just had to share the trees that are in front of my house.Spectacular!
Wishing you all a day filled with things that delight your senses.

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1 comment:

  1. How funny. The post office told me you wouldn't get those until Monday. So when I saw the title with Betty Boop in it, I thought someone else sent you the same thing I did. The quilts are for the SAME hospital you are making the pillowcases for. They give them away too. I saw a post that said they were running low on them, and they needed more. Maybe you should take up that cause next! I'll sure contribute.
    Hugs, Joy