Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sponge Bob Gets A Work Out

I received a message from Andrea of http://satinbirddesigns.blogspot.com/. She said that she and her daughter had completed 17 pillowcases and that they were on their way! Yea!!!  
 There are 13 Sponge Bob Square Pants pillowcases. Lucky 13 in my book :)
 Just look at that crazy little face :) You can't help but smile!
 Then for good measure, The Cat In The Hat jumps in with all of his friends. Such cute prints.

Andrea's donation of 17 brings us to a current grand total of 960 pillowcases for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. Amazing!!!!!
Thank you so much Lauren and Andrea.
You can see that almost all the leaves are off the trees. We're supposed to have another cold, cold snap this weekend, so I think the apple tree will finally let go of its leaves. I'm hoping to do the hanging of the 900 pillowcases next Friday. It will be an incredible display I'm sure!  

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  1. Hanging 900 - sure is lots of clothes pins! ;) This project is so exciting.

    1. I'm going to donate the clothespins to some teachers to use for projects once I do the final hanging.

  2. Rhonda, I've been enjoying the pictures of the changing landscape of your backyard since you began this project, along with seeing the pillowcases. I can't help but picture the Cat in the Hat raking up all the fallen leaves with some sort of contraption, and Sponge Bob & friends jumping in the piles of leaves.

    1. I've thought a lot about how everything has changed over the course of the year. Rather than it just happening, I've been much more mindful of it.
      I love your ideas of all the characters coming to life and just being who they are. So cute. Thanks again and hugs to your family!