Thursday, November 14, 2013

Good Karma

Good Morning Everyone! It's a bright,cold day in Chicago. My projects are going well, so I decided to take a few minutes and post some pillowcases as I'm very behind on the posts. Since I am behind, I've decided to combine a few donations into one post. Be sure to scroll to the end to see the picture of the day!!!
The first group of pillowcases is from Jilly of www.jillybejoyful.blogspot.com. If you're ever in the need for a little good karma, visit her blog as it just leaps off the pages of her posts.
Jilly blogged about the cases here, http://www.jillybejoyful.blogspot.com/2013/10/patterns-and-pillowcases.html
A group of friends had gotten together for a fabric swap and when Jilly saw the left over pieces, she grabbed them and made these lovely pieces.
Some are flannel and some are cotton, all feel like Jilly, warm, inviting and something you want to snuggle into. Thanks so much Jilly and I'm so happy that you saw the potential in the unwanted fabric.
 Next up is a fun gift from Lisa of Huntsville, Alabama.
She told me that she had gone to a sewing expo and the fabrics just jumped right out at her. I think she may have been hungry ;)

Who wanted love hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza?!!!
The multi-colored case was made from a remnant that she had leftover from a teen sewing class she taught at her church. I just love stories about people teaching young people how to sew. Fabulous!
Thank you Lisa and whether you were hungry or not, I'm glad the fabrics jumped out at you :)
 The last group is from Linda who like Jilly, lives in California.
 The way Linda paired her fabrics reminds me of watercolors. One color just seems to melt into the next.
 So very pretty.
Linda also included a little note with her cases and I just had to share the card with you. What a cute card!
Thank you Linda for your lovely contribution to the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital project. The addition of these 17 pillowcases brings our total to 925 and the cases are still coming in. As I've said before, the goal was 900 and we've made it, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an even 1000. 
Now, for a little fun. My husband snapped this picture of me this morning. What a beauty!!! Pajama pants, a kimono, my husband's coat, hat and shoes (I slipped on his shoes because I didn't want to take off my slippers!!). Since you can't see my face, maybe I can deny it's me ;)
Wishing you all an incredible day!

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  1. Awwww...thank you for your sweet words! You, my dear, are a good karma magnet and spreader! I love the morning shot of you - classic! :D

  2. Love the photo of you! I've looked very similar going out to check on horses on chilly mornings in snow or sleeting weather - yes, we have had some snow/ice in Texas on occasion! lol

    1. We lived in Fort Worth for a while when I was a child. I remember having snow.

  3. Brrrr!!!! That looks chilly! ;-) And, you know, I might've been hungry at that.. .;-)

  4. That last picture is priceless, Rhonda. I see your husband has a sense of humor. ;-)