Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grandma's Garden

Unless I receive a package in the mail tomorrow, this will be the final Mary Bridge Children's Hospital pillowcase post until Friday. What's special about Friday? That's the day of the final big hanging!!!! Exciting :)
Kimberly, a lovely lady who belongs to the Haute Couture Club of Chicago made 26 pillowcases over the summer and into the fall. She told me that her daughter moved away and it really helped to fill the void of her daughter being so far away. Below is one of my favorites. I had a puzzle map as a child and it was one of my favorite toys. By the time I started school, I knew all the states as well as their capitals.
All of the prints that Kimberly used have a lovely homespun vintage feel, like Grandma's garden.

I was so cold hanging these pillowcases!! We had snow yesterday. Although it was only a dusting, I had hoped that it would still be on the ground for the pictures, but it warmed up just enough to melt it.
So what's our current total? It's an amazing 986!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo! Thanks Kimberly for helping us get so close to a 1000. I haven't given up, we'll get there :)
Be sure to check back Friday or Saturday morning, it just depends on how long it takes to get all the pillowcases hung, pictures taken and then get the cases down. So I have a feeling it will probably be Saturday before I can get everything posted. I'm just so excited!!!

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