Tuesday, November 5, 2013

All Is Bright And Happy!

Another gray Chicago day! But all is bright and happy!! 
I have 2 pillowcase donations to share today, both are from fellow Haute Couture members.
First up is Maria. Maria and I have known each other for a very long time. She took a tailoring class that I was teaching and when I found out how much she enjoyed sewing, I invited her to join the Haute Couture Club, and the rest is history :)
All 5 of Maria's cases have a kitty cat theme. She confessed that she had purchased the fabric to make new beds, but.....that didn't get done. We've all sung that song I'm afraid!!
She also used a very pretty embroidered ruffle to trim one of the cases.
I'm sorry for the kitties Maria, but I so appreciate your contribution!
Next up is a long time member of the Haute Couture Club, Melba. I had no idea that she had planned to make cases, but she pulled a bag out and tucked it in my arms and said, "Here!" I love it :)
This Winny The Poo fabric is so precious.
And who can resist Maynard?!!!
Thank you so much Melba. You always make me smile.
If you've been following along on the pillowcase posts, then you may have already done the math and added this 9 and come up with a total of 894 PILLOWCASES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's only 6 away from 900!!! We're almost there. Can you believe it?!!!!! So when and who will contribute the 900th pillowcase? Oh.......such suspense!!
Until the next post, have a bright and happy day :)

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