Friday, April 1, 2016

The Fabulous Free Pattern Friday Simple Tote Makes Sewists Happy

"Do you ever have days that you just feel low? Nothing's happened, everything is the same as it was yesterday, you aren't sick...you just feel low. That's how I'm feeling this morning. A few years back, I read The Magic of Thinking Big. A very motivational book. I recently checked out the audio version as I thought my husband would also enjoy it. We were going to be traveling, so an audio book is always a welcome diversion. In the book he suggests saying out loud in a big voice, "I FEEL GREAT!!!" He also suggests that you smile just as big as you can, a great big goofy smile, showing lots of teeth. It is amazing how those 2 simple things can change how you feel. As soon as I'm off the computer I plan to shout out the mantra and smile a great big goofy grin. I'm smiling now at the thought of it and I'm already feeling a bit better :)

Back in early December I shared the bag below with you as a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday item. I am just about to wear out my bag as I grab it for everything, and...it makes the best shopping bag too. I called it a Simple Tote as it is so easy to make. You can find the original post HERE. I used panels that I purchased at Joann Fabrics, a fabric chain store here in America. I made one as a grab bag gift, one for myself and one for my mother. I recently saw the lady who won the grab bag gift. I was surprised when I saw that she had the bag with her. She told me that she too uses it for everything. and she loves the size and the versatility. Nice that it was such a hit :) 

I recently received a message from a lady I met a while back when I was in Novi for the American Sewing Expo. She is an instructor and also sells Viking sewing machines in Indianapolis, Indiana. She loved the tote and asked if I would mind her using my instructions for a class. She made up the sample below.

 And here are her proud students.

They used Home Dec remnants, added embroidered initials, and made the bags their own. I just love those beautiful smiling faces!

Chris, the instructor told me that a couple of the ladies are new to sewing, and they were so pleased with their bags. Ahhh, I love it when a new sewist is born :) She also told me that a few of the ladies added a zippered pocket. Great idea. I completely forgot about adding a pocket to the bag I made for my self and I REALLY miss having one. So keep that in mind if you decide to make a tote for yourself.

For those of you who may teach summer sewing camps, keep this bag in mind. The size is great for books and can easily be slung over the shoulder. Made in a fun fabric, I think most teenagers would enjoy having a bag like this for school.

Have a wonderful day, and smile big!   

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  1. Home Dec remnants are the best for bags and anything else if you ask me. Some of my best fabric finds were hidden in that mysterious department. Love the bags and the fact that new sew-ists were inspired!

  2. Hope you are feeling brighter now :) All the bags look great!