Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Morning Inspiration/Black and White Stripes For Spring

Yesterday was an amazing day here in Chicago, bright, sunny, and warm. There was no way that I could stay indoors! We could have worked in the garden, but my husband has already taken care of the winter clean-up, and it's a bit too early to start planting. So, we threw the dogs in the car and took off for one of my favorite hiking destinations. It was so wonderful to be out in the woods, listening to the birds and even the frogs sing about the fact that spring is on its way. 

When the temperatures begin to turn, of course I begin to think about bright colors, but one combination that just screams spring to me is black and white stripes. They seem fresh and playful, like my spirit :)
The picture below is one that I have saved for quite some time. As I looked at it again, I realized that not only do I love the jacket, I really like the pop of color. 

A pop of color with a black and white stripe, really makes the entire outfit come to life.

Stripes of course lend themselves to so many possibilities for play. I love the idea of taking a simple t-shirt pattern, cutting it apart and playing with the stripes. The dress below would also be cute as a top or shorter dress.  

I love both of the suits below. The manipulation of stripes would make either of these suits look great on any figure.

I love how the simple play of the stripes on both pieces below catches the eye.

Don't be afraid of a little pattern play.

For those of us who sew, something that will immediately catch our attention are unmatched patterns. But look how the intentional unmatching of the stripes adds interest.

Add a little fun  to the yoke of a top.

There's a lot going on in this dress. Personally, I would tone it down a bit, but some great ideas nonetheless.

And finally, I love the stripes going around the body on this super cute pair of pants. Take note of the waistband, the stripes are vertical which draws the attention away from the horizontal stripes, but accents them beautifully as well.

So wherever you are, I hope that you are experiencing some lovely weather that feeds your soul. But if not, throw on some stripes and I bet they'll make you smile. Well, as long as they aren't prison stripes!!!!! Just a joke ;)
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Nobody can make stripes sing the way you can - I'm still thinking about the tee shirts that you made with the vertical striped panel down the side... you're part artist, and part engineer!

  2. Those horizontal striped pants! YES! I love them!!! And I especially love the first couple. My favorite go-to is black and white with a pop of bright color. Today I have on a black shell with black/white skirt and kelly green jacket.

    Black and white just WORKS.

  3. What fun inspiration photos! Thanks Rhonda.

  4. I LOVE this inspiration post! Thank you! These Monday morning posts really fuel me! Recently Stef at Sea of Teal blogged her staggered striped pants! And since, I've really wanted to sew a pair for myself.

    I hope it's okay that I've linked to her post.

    Sea of Teal: Striped Pants

    1. Thank you so much. So happy you like my striped pants!

      These pictures here are very insprational! I'm working on polkadot pants and I love the combination above with the striped Jumper! ;-)

  5. Great post! I especially love the mix of stripes with other prints. Its the sort of thing that really sets an outfit apart, yet I'm always a bit nervous to try it. I love the idea of cutting and playing with stripes too...very fun and summer-y!

  6. I try not to become one of the people that get all stripe obsessed crazy... but gosh your post has made me crazy obsesses with stripes now!! Love it!

  7. I have always liked the white/black strip combo, and even just black with white with out stripes or maybe dots. Adding a splash of color makes it come to life. In case you are missing the Texas weather its rain, rain, and more rain, but the grass trees, ect seem to look more alive after a fresh rain.

  8. Great post, so inspiring and I am not a stripe girl at all...yet! ;-)

  9. Thanks for the burst of inspiration, Rhonda! Here the weather hasn't come around yet,... Rain-showers and thunderstorms is all we've been getting lately,...