Friday, April 15, 2016

Fashion Show Friday/Waffle Patterns Pepernoot Coat and Sewn Square One Upline Jacket

It has been quite some time since I've modeled a garment for you, so I thought that I would do a bit of catch up today. There are so many that I haven't modeled, so just a few today, and more later.  

First up, the coat that I just finished for the Sew News Waffle Patterns Pepernoot Coat Sew Along. I absolutely adore this coat. First of all, I love the pattern, but I'm also so very pleased with how the coat turned out.

A view from the back.

The hood. When I initially made the coat, I didn't think I would use the hood. The hood has been great on cold days as well as rainy days.  

And finally, the lining.
If you would like to take a look at the sew along posts, you can find them HERE

I am about to wear out this coat!! It's much lighter than the cobalt blue flower coat, so great for a cool, but not cold day. It just seems to slip over just about every garment I have.   

 A view of the back.

And my fun lining!
Be sure to pop over to the Waffle Pattern website and check out Yuki's other designs. I could not be more pleased with this coat, so I feel quite safe to recommend ALL of her patterns :) 

A parting shot of the coat with the bag I made last December for a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post

The Sewn Square One Upline Jacket that I did for the Sew News Sew Along. You can find the sew along posts HERE. When it comes to the 3 coats that I'm sharing with you today, I feel like a kid in a candy store when I look in my closet. I LOVE them all! I'm off to the airport in just a few minutes. We have a very bright and sunny day, but it's a bit cool, so this jacket will be perfect.

I love that the collar is quite versatile. I can leave it unzipped, zip it to the top, or zip it to the top and then roll it down. Even when it's zipped up, a scarf fits nicely inside the collar. A little difficult to see in the picture, but the style lines of the coat are also so very pretty.

The back of the jacket.

And finally, a parting shot of the lining. This was a vintage piece that's been in my collection for quite some time. So glad I had it :) 
You can check out all of the Sewn Square One patterns HERE. By the way, this jacket comes in 3 lengths. The jacket I'm wearing is the longest length.

So that's it for my little Friday Fashion show. I feel so fortunate to have these wonderful garments. Loved making them and loved the patterns :)

Happy Friday to you all!

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  1. That is a *beautiful* coat, Rhonda!

  2. Just fantastic! Love all of them and the linings especially.
    Such style!
    Blessings, JL

  3. Lovely, as always! Where did you get that beautiful lining (1920's ladies) in the black/white lighter weight coat? So hard to find interesting fabrics like that.
    Thank you, Susan

    1. Thank you :) The red lining with the ladies is actually a piece of silk that I got from a friend. Lucky me!

  4. Wow, every one of these looks fabulous on you and I could never pick a favorite. Each is so different. That is one great design.

  5. Fabulous coats Rhonda! I really love the print of the black and white one. The linings are so fun!

  6. Every one of your coats are fabulous!

  7. Love them all! What fun to have such a choice of coats.

  8. I love your coats Rhonda. The cobalt blue is my favourite and the red lining is amazing. Thanks for introducing me to this Dutch indie pattern brand. I checked their website and they have several interesting patterns

  9. Three fabulous coats! How nice to have those choices in your wardrobe. They are all so pretty but I think the black and white is my favourite.

  10. All of the coats are wonderful--hard to choose a favorite, but I do so love the fabrics of the first two shown!!

    1. Thanks! Straight out of the Home Dec department :)

  11. What beautiful coats, and the wonderful linings are such a lovely feature. You look great in them. Xx

  12. If these coast don't sell the pattern nothing will - stunning work Rhonda. I especially love the blue/black version, but the lining on the black and white is extra special too.