Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thrifty Thursday/Free Draped Top Pattern Becomes a Gown

About a month and a half ago, I downloaded the Japanese Inspired Twisted T-Shirt from Tites Mains. A few of you left messages letting me know that the top was a copy of a top that was in one of the Drape Drape books by Hisako Sato. While the top is quite similar to the top that is in the book, Julia of Tites Mains did write in and explained that while she was inspired by the top, she drafted it all on her own and rather than drafting it for a knit, she drafted the top for a woven fabric. She also explained that she does not own the book, so she could not have copied from the directions. 
As I thought more about the pattern, I decided that this is a great opportunity to try something out and see how you like the styles that are offered in the book. If you do, please buy the book. A lot of hard work and effort goes into writing a book, so yes, the author does deserve to be compensated. But I also believe that the pattern was truly created by Julia. And remember, it is free. 
I've loved the top I made from this pattern, and yes, I have purchased the books. In the meantime, I decided to once again use the pattern and create an evening gown. I'm basically finished, all that's left is finishing the neckline and hemming.

I used the pattern just as it was. I then cut a rectangle for the skirt. The top only has 1 seam so I wanted only 1 seam in the skirt to match the top. The only problem with a rectangle is that it won't leave much room for walking. In order to move, I would need to leave a side slit, since that's the only seam I have in the skirt. I really didn't like that idea, so I added a triangle to the side seam which you can see in the 2 pictures below.

The added fullness of the triangle will make it quite easy to walk and the sweep at the side seam also adds interest. 

The hem of the top sits at an angle on the hips, so I needed to compensate for this at the top of the rectangle that I added for the skirt. So rather than a straight line across, I dropped 1 side of the rectangle down 2". Look closely at the picture below and you will see an angle to the seam that connects the top to the skirt.

I'm quite happy with how the dress has turned out. You can use the same technique and make a shorter dress. This would be fun for summer and would look great as a cocktail dress too.

In the meantime, if you like the pattern, by all means consider buying one of the Drape Drape books. The designs are quite interesting and fun. You can find all the Drape Drape books HERE. And in the meantime, you can download Julia's pattern HERE. It's a lovely pattern and a super fun top to wear.

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  1. Beautiful dress. Very pretty fabric.

    1. Thanks Ginger. I've been on a mission to use what I have. This is the only piece I had that would work for this dress.

  2. Rhonda
    I'm concerned about the comments regarding 'ownership' of the design. It is virtually impossible to patent or copyright a clothing design. Copying goes on all the time. Channel herself said there would be no fashion without this copying. If copyright were possible, it takes only a 2% change to call it new. I admire loyalty, but I think these comments are misplaced. It would be better for us all to encourage the new viewpoint however minor the changes might appear vs bash someone who has made this creative effort.

    1. Thank you so much for you comment. That's the point I was trying to make, and one of the reasons I decided to use it for my dress. I really like Julia so much and admire her work and creativity. But I also want to encourage people who like the designs of Hisako Sato to at least purchase one of the books. They are such a wonderful source of information.

  3. Lovely dress! The fabric is stunning.

  4. Oh Rhonda, this showcases your talent.......thank you so much for explaining the transformation from top to evening dress, its wonderful!
    May we see you soon, modelling your recent makes please.

  5. Beautiful dress, Rhonda! Quite the fabric, too!