Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Little Summer Fun On The Greens

You may remember this sleeve from one of our Sleeves On Saturday posts a few weeks ago. Well, I finally finished the outfit and I love it. 
The fabric is a cotton print that I found at Joann's. For those of you who are not in America, Joann's is just a very large fabric and craft store, not exactly the store you go to for fine fabrics.
I really like the print and thought it would be a fun outfit for summer.
I made the belt to match,
and covered the buttons.
The collar
and the facing were done in the coordinating print that I used for the skirt. 
Rather than hem the skirt, I edged it with the coordinating fabric from the shirt.
Wow, no high heels. What's the world coming to?!!
Hope you are enjoying your summer.

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  1. I love your co-ordination of prints - and I have always liked blue and green together.
    \i didn't think about the lack of heels but I've yet to see anyone golfing in heels!;) (Though I did once do yoga in heels when I had a calf injury - not very well tough).

    1. Just a small joke about the fact that it seems I'm always wearing heels! When friends see my closet, they are in awe of the fact that there are rows of high heels....and then a line of cowboy boots.

  2. No summer here (Australia)...brrrr, but your outfit is cute and perfect for golf.

    1. Thanks Vicki. Just about now I could take a little brrrr. It's been awfully hot here.

  3. Round Wow! You made it again! This assembly fits perfectly and it is a lovely matching, I like totally coordination about prints on your fabrics and details of the collar.

  4. I love this- makes me want to sit in the clubhouse and be admired! since I don't golf!

  5. A wonderful golfing outfit! Even some argyle plaid in the skirt!

  6. Summer...its freezing in Australia. You very fresh golfing suit brightened my day.