Friday, June 15, 2012

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

The Wrap Your Arms Around Me Top

Last week I gave you a little sneak peek at this little top. It's very easy to do. Four rectangles make up the top. It wraps across the front,

and wraps around the back.
It is not attached to the back.
The wrap pieces are attached to the side seams,
and along the front.
The measurements that you will need are,
1. your hip measurement
2. the measurement around your shoulders
3. the length measurement. Measure from just above your bust to your desired length.
Since the wraps are attached in the side seams, you will need 2 rectangles for the front and back. Divide your hip measurement in half. My top is made from a bamboo knit, so it has a very nice two way stretch.
I did not add ease to my hip measurement or to my shoulder measurement. Remember, the wraps need to have a somewhat snug fit.  
For the wraps, the length will be your measurement around your shoulders and the width should be 16". The wraps are folded in half.
To sew the top together, begin by gathering the ends of your wraps. Gather them up to measure 4". Lay the gathered edges against the side seams and sew up the side seams. The front wrap should lay agaist the top edge of your top, but the wrap that goes around the back should stop at least 1/4" from the top. This is so you will have room to sew your elastic. If you would like a wider elastic, leave more. I used a narrow elastic and it works just fine.
Now, find the midpoint of the front of your top and sew the unfinished edge of your wrap just to the center.

Sew the other wrap so that it meets the previously sewn wrap in the center. Notice in the picture below that the rest of the wrap edges are left unfinished. This is one reason I like bamboo knits, they don't ravel and it isn't a problem to leave them unfinished.  

Take your elastic and measure it around the top part of your chest, above your bust so that it is comfortable to you. Zigzag it to the edge of your top, turn under and stitch.Hem the top and you are finished.
Now there is an issue with this top. Look at the picture above. If you move your arms too much, yes the wraps can slide up a bit. In order for the wraps to move up this much, you would really need to have your arms in the air.
If you would rather that the wraps not move so much, just do a tack along the edge as I am trying to show you in the above picture. The tack will not show as the wrap should drape over the tack without a problem.
So that is it, four rectangles and you have a very feminine and rather elegant wrapped top.
Good luck!!

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  1. I'm off to try this now. thanks

  2. Wow! That's beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. Definitively a must make for summer.

  3. Love it Rhonda. This is a must make (even with my 'assets'!) I will send a picture when I get done.