Friday, June 8, 2012

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

The Eight Gore Skirt With Pockets and a Raised Waistline
I am in love with my new skirt!! I had every intention of finishing this yesterday, but life has a way of making other plans. Since I decided to add the raised waistline, I decided that it would be a good pattern for Friday, so here I am!
We began with the eight gore skirt that I posted last September. You can see that post here as well as the instructions on how to draft that skirt.  
Then last Tuesday I showed you how to add pockets to the skirt. A little word to the wise. I told you to come out on the side 1/4" in order to have the ability of putting your hand in the pocket. If your skirt is a very fitted skirt, I would suggest adding 1/2". You can see the instructions for adding pockets here.
So now, how to add a raised waistline. Beyond easy.
 Begin with one gore of your skirt and trace it out on your paper.
Simply flip the pattern up as you see above.
In the previous post, I told you to angle the top and bottom edge of your pattern so that you wouldn't have points at your seam lines. For the raised waistline, omit the angle to the waistline as you see above.
 Determine how high you would like your raised waistline to be. I chose 3".
Your final pattern. As we all know, none of us are the same. Typically we angle back out about the same ratio above the waist as we do below the waist. I had to take mine in, I'm a little straighter above the waist than I am below the waist. Some will need a little more above the waist. BE SURE TO DO A FITTING and give yourself enough seam allowance to add if need be.
The skirt with the finished pockets. I added a belt to my skirt.
The skirt without a belt. I hope you give this a try. It really makes a lovely skirt. As Shams said when she commented on Tuesday, "It's a flattering basic skirt." I have to agree. 
So now for a little sneak peak at what will be up for next week's Fabulous Friday pattern.
We will be doing this little top. It's one of my favorites. It wraps in the front,
 and wraps in the back.
 The wraps are not attached in the back.
They are attached in the front. There is one other little trick, so come back next week!!
I hope you are having a fabulous Friday and I wish you a spectacular weekend. Get out and do something you really like to do, even if it's just for a bit.

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  1. Cute skirt. The fabric is really nice. Looking forward to seeing the top next week.

  2. Wow, very cute. Such a tiny waist!

    1. I know! When I took the picture, I thought the same about the waist. Must be some kind of an illusion:))

  3. Very nice Rhonda. Thanks for posting these for everyone.
    Your fabric has a "cowhide"look to it. Is it like that in real life?


    1. Thanks Terry. The fabric is surprisingly very light weight, but it has a light suede feel to the surface.

  4. What a lovely blog! I have only just found your blog from.. hmm can't remember, but I really like it. I love your capelet - it looks fantastic and so does your skirt above and I can't wait for the top for next week.

  5. That's great looking skirt and can't wait for the top pattern. thanks

  6. I love that skirt Rhonda but I can't wait for that top!

  7. Such a beautiful skirt! Did you add a zipper to this one? I'm kind of new to zippers and trying to figure out how to make this skirt and still be able to get into it... ;)

    1. I did add a zipper to this skirt. It is at center back. I used a zipper because the fabric is a woven, but if it had been a knit, I would not have used a zipper. Good luck if you give it a try.