Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Eight Gore Skirt Revisited, Adding Pockets

The Eight Gore Skirt With Pockets
The post I did on the Eight Gore Skirt has been the most visited post on my blog. It's a skirt that every sewist should know how to draft, it's so easy to do, and you only need 3 measurements, your waist measurement, your hip measurement and the length measurement.
 The skirt from the original post that I did. You can see that post here.
I also showed you a skirt that I have that is made from suede and lace has been applied over four of the eight seams.
The seams were cut out from behind to give a peek-a-boo look at whatever I choose to wear underneath. You can see that post here.
I thought that over the coming weeks I would revisit this easy to do skirt and show you variations that can be added. Today we will add pockets.
Just a brief review, draw a horizontal line as your guideline. At the top, draw a vertical line for your waistline. Measure down 9" from your waistline and draw in a vertical line for your hip line.
 In the original post I neglected to give you one bit of information. In order to not have points at the hemline seams, find the midpoint at the hem of your skirt. From that point measure up 1/4" at the seam line. At the waistline, find the midpoint once again, and measure up 1/8" at the seam line.
 Your pattern will look like the above photograph. Make sure to always transfer your grain line.
 The final pattern with notches at the hip line.
Now to add pockets. The notches in the above photo are the hip line. Measure down approximately 3" on one seamline and 4 1/2" on the other. Draw a line connecting the two marks. From your hip notches measure down 3" to 4" for the depth of your pocket.
In order to comfortably put your hand in the pocket, measure out 1/4" to 1/2" at the side and connect this line with the bottom of your pocket. If you would like a more pronounced pocket, you can come out even more. Just remember that this will bring attention to the hip area.
 Now to take the pattern pieces apart. In the above photo you see the pocket insert.
 In this photo you see the pocket facing.
 In this photo you see the bottom portion of the skirt.
As you see above, you will now cut 2 of the skirt sections, 2 of the pocket inserts and 2 of the pocket facings. Be sure to add seam allowances to all of your pieces.
You will cut 6 of the basic gore section to complete the amount of sections you will need for 8-gores.
All pieces shown together.
I will have an example of the skirt for you on Thursday, and maybe tomorrow if I get that far today!! I'll try.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. A great (and flattering) basic skirt!

    1. Thanks Shams. It's a great skirt that everyone should know how to do as there is so much that can be done with it.

  2. Interesting concept...especially for a girl who hates to be without a pocket.