Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unexpected Gifts and Blessings

Do you ever go through periods where you question everything? Am I going in the right direction? Am I spending my time as I should? You see someone who has received a lucky break and ask, why not me? Which is usually followed by another question, what am I doing wrong? And then there's the larger question, am I making a difference?
A few weeks ago I was asked to do something that for me, was extremely exciting. I felt that I was being recognized and supported. I had not sought out what I thought to be an opportunity, it came to me. And then, it came to a thundering end leaving me asking many of the above questions as well as licking very deep wounds. My husband encouraged me to just shake the dust from my feet and keep on going.
As you know, every Wednesday I choose two followers who have blogs and I do a little showcase on my blog. It gives me a chance to say thank you for following my blog and I hope that it will help them to gain a little recognition for their work as well as open up everyones world to some of the wonderful things that are being created. Some weeks ago I told you about Jonadele Fashions. Joan lives in southern California and loves to dye. A little over a week ago, Joan posted this delightful scarf that she made.
I loved it. In fact, I loved it so much that I wanted to have it. The whimsical little houses looked so happy and they made me smile. I went back and forth about asking Joan if she would be interested in selling her scarf. Finally, I decided to just ask, the worst she could say is no.
The next morning I awoke to a very unexpected email, the scarf would be mine and it was to be a gift! As I read through Joan's email, I found myself speechless. How incredible. She said, "It is a thank you for doing so much for the home sewing world on your blog." Wow, I was surprised as I didn't feel that I've done anything. Joan went on to tell me that after I did the post on her blog, her traffic increased quite a bit, so this was her gift back to me. I felt that I had won the lottery and I didn't even buy a ticket.
The scarf arrived yesterday and it is so lovely.
 And it is even signed by the artist herself!! How lucky am I?
Joan went on to tell me that she had wanted to sell her things, but had just not taken the steps to do so. I wrote her back and told her to get her Etsy shop up and running as when I received her scarf I would like to show not only the scarf, but other items as well.
I am very pleased to announce the opening of http://www.jonadelefashions.etsy.com/!! Below are some of the items that are now in her store.

 This little scarf is beyond cute. I love it!
 My Celtic spirit loves a thistle.

 I watched the transformation of this piece on her blog.
When she first dyed the piece, it looked like this. I thought it was nice, but Joan decided to dye over it and the end result is above. She was right, the final product is beautiful.
 Joan also does scarves out of antique kimonos. Really lovely.
Stop by and take a look at her new store and then go by her blog and maybe say a quick hello. I know that she'll be happy to have you.
Just when I needed it, a blessing and a message came to me in the form of a scarf. My little Wednesday Showcase will not end any wars or bring about world peace, but, in an extremely small way, I am making a difference. I think we all question our lives on a regular basis. In fact, if we don't, we probably should. If there's a dream in your heart, follow it. It doesn't mean that there won't be disappointments along the way. After all, we would never appreciate the mountain top had we not experienced the valley. Thank you Joan!

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  1. I must have missed it when you posted her blog. Wow, her scarves are *very* cute!! That's so neat that you helped nudge her into a new world. :)

  2. What a lovely scarf and a lovely post. It's heart warming to know if you send little bits of good out into the world they can take on a life of their own.

  3. I loved that scarf when I saw it also! What a lovely gift.

    1. Isn't it lovely? More than a gift, a true blessing.

  4. Love her work, how creative and colorful!
    That really is a true blessing.

  5. A beautiful gift! Yes Rhonda, you are making a difference! Your last paragraph was a blessing for me. You are sooo right...we should question our lives. I've been questioning a lot of things in my life for the last two weeks...floundering without 'listening'. Tonight I realized I can't be a blessing unless I'm 'available'. Thank you!

  6. What a lovely post. You have many out here in the blogging world who are learning from and enjoying your blog. It was nice to hear that after a nasty week you received a delightful surprise. I'm having a nasty week myself so it was good to hear that sometimes, nasty things are followed by extremely nice things!

  7. You may not feel like you done anything but just posting is encouraging. Indeed someone's sewing mojo is coming to life. A giver will NEVER go without!!! God has a way of remindering us just how He can take something small and turn it into a BLESSING!!! Enjoy and know that there is MUCH He has in store for you :)