Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spring Auditions

What is it about spring that makes us want to clean, reorganize and simply throw out what is no longer useful? Maybe it's because we're inside for such long periods of time throughout the winter, but I've lived in climates where the temperatures are much more moderate than here in Chicago and come spring, I still wanted to clean things out. So whatever the reason, it does feel oh so good to purge what is no longer needed or used. At this point, I have three bags full that will be going out the door next week and I may be adding more.
I have had this top for a very long time, (sorry about the pajama bottoms in the pic, I thought I had managed to keep them out of the picture, oh well!). It was actually in the bag, but I pulled it out. I know, I know, once it goes in the bag, I shouldn't pull it out, but... 
I bought this wonderful piece for a pair of summer pants
and realized that the top would probably look great with the pants. Although, I think I will remove the sleeves.
I made this dress quite a few years ago. A real "Mad Men" type of dress. When I first put it on, I was ready to get rid of it.
But after playing around with it a bit, I decided to get some nice, large beads and put them on the halter straps. The halter ties in the back, and I really don't like that so I am going to cut the ties and put a hook at the back of the neck. And I want to taper the skirt just a bit as well. Minor changes really. The fabric is lovely. It's a piece from Hawaii. 
I made the dress below three years ago. For the most part I love it. It's made from a Vogue Vintage pattern that may be out of print at this point. I did figure out that OOP means, out of print, I'm getting there!!
What I don't like is how it ties in the back. I feel like I'm twelve years old. Before I totally give up on the dress, I think I will cut the ties and do hooks at the back.
The fabric is really quite pretty. The top layer is a crinkle chiffon.
 There is a layer in the middle of iridescent organza,
 and then finally the lining. A very swishy dress.
When I pulled this dress out, I had to think about just how long I've had it, probably eighteen years. Yikes! Although I do have pieces I've had longer, like a skirt I've had since high school. Yes, it still fits.
It's one of those dresses that the front of the dress wraps to the back and ties under the back which wraps to the front and ties in the the front. The ties on this dress don't bother me like the one above does. I've gone back and forth about keeping it, but I've decided to give it a reprieve for at least one more year. I thought that I may want to cut it off and hem it a little shorter, but then I thought that I may just want to get a pair of   sandals......

like this pair. Just what I need, another pair of shoes. Aren't they cute though?

And just to let you know that I don't always look like I did yesterday or lots of the other days that I post pictures of myself....
today's OOTD. Today is one of those glorious days when I don't have to be anywhere, my husband is out for lunch (he's retired, so he's home on a regular basis now. I love him being around, but it's nice to have a day to myself every once in a  while), so it's just me and the dogs. This is one of those dresses that it's really nothing to speak of, made from vintage cotton, but it's so cool and easy to wear that I just don't want to part with it, so a house dress. Great for vacuuming and that is exactly what I'm headed off to do now.
If you haven't been through your closet in a while, I highly recommend doing so. Believe it or not, getting rid of things that are just taking up space is a great feeling. And, at least for me, it seems that I always come up with new combinations that I, for whatever reason, never thought of before. It's like going shopping and not leaving the house!
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. WOw, with just a bit of work you will have some very usable pieces!

    1. Cleaning out my closet is always such a task. Some pieces, regardless of how simple they are, I just have a difficult time letting go of them. I bought the shoes BTW!!! So with all the cleaning out, I ended up adding something new. Maybe I should call it a reward!!!

  2. You are not only a talented sewer but also biologically gifted. Fancy still fitting a skirt you wore in high school.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Gail. As far as still fitting into things I wore in high school, not gifted at all. I matured so very early and I was always so much larger than all the other girls, but they finally caught up with me...and surpassed me. So maybe it's more of a gift for all of the bullying I endured.

  3. Ha, loved your comments about your husband! Mine is semi retired and although I love him bunches, I do miss my "alone" time. The dresses are lovely, by the way. Definitely find a way to make them work!

  4. Oh it's hard, I know.I've just cleared out my summer wardrobe and sent 4 bags to the charity shops. What I'm finding hardest to part with are the garments I've made as opposed to those I've bought, even if they were expensive. My hubby is semi-retired so I know exactly what you mean by having a day to yourself!

    1. I'm just the opposite. If I made it, I have no problem letting it go. Well, actually, I don't like to let it go, but something I've purchased, I somehow feel an obligation to keep it. But now, I'm getting to the point that I don't want to wear things that I have not made, so I am going to have to let some of the store bought things go, especially if I'm not going to wear them.