Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Morning Inspiration/Great Ideas

To start off the new week, I thought I would share a few pieces that I've found which I think are quite inspirational. Of course, I dream of doing them all, but even if I just adopt one into a garment, then that's a good thing too :)

I absolutely adore this skirt and how easy it would be to do. The skirt is just an a-line skirt with an added pleat, and of course a zipper. 

The pleated detail on this skirt is so pretty.
I tried to find the website that this jacket came from, but no luck. This is just amazing!

 Here's another raglan sleeve with great seam details. 


The next time I make a raglan sleeved garment, I want to give this a try. What a fun peek-a-boo treatment.

The neckline on this jacket is wonderful. Look closely, the princess line develops into a notched collar.

Now for a little draping inspiration.
Love how the drape folds into a pleat.

From Haider Ackermann.

Such a pretty back.

Another interesting piece from Haider Ackermann.

A subtle, but incredible pocket detail. Would be great color blocked.

Another amazing pocket detail. I think I have to figure this one out!

And finally, just because it is just-so-pretty.

 Isn't this the most incredible jacket?!!!

I hope this has made for an awe inspiring start to the week!
Happy Monday :)

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  1. I love them all my friend. But that skirt with the pocket and zipper is to die for. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

    1. I know! It's such a simple design, but so very nice.

  2. Whoever made that double welt pocket is genius! Subtle beauty, intriguing, requiring superb skills, it has it all.

  3. Wow, some beautiful stuff there!

  4. I love the jacket in the last photos. The patterning is fabulous. Also trying to figure all those fancy pockets out is making my head spin. I love them both. Xx

  5. The shoulder seems to be a Zac Posen (or at least linked to a lot of pinterest pages about him) but closer than that I can't get. And thanks - it's really beautiful

  6. If you figure out that wonderful welt pocket knot, will you please share?!!

  7. Lots of interesting things. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the second skirt and raglan seam details.

  8. Lots of fabulous inspiration here Rhonda. The jacket with the princess seam into a collar is similar to a design in Pattern Magic 2, as is the cowl. I think I have tried my brain in knots trying to work out that pocket (it has to be closed at the knot so two openings - do you agree?). I simply must try to sample that!
    Thanks for such wonderful research to give us all these amazing treats.

  9. Oh, all so beautiful. I had also found that amazing cream jacket and kept it on my pinterest. I so wish we could find out who made it. I always long for styles where people have self drafted and I am afraid my drafting skills are not that advanced!!
    I cannot wait to see your tutorial on the knotted welt pockets...........what fun.

  10. Thanks for sharing! These are all so gorgeous!

  11. Pure Mouth Watering, Jaw Dropping, AWESOMENESS :)

  12. I love the knot welt. It looks like the each lip is the top and bottom on the same side of the knot looped around the other lip in the middle. I hope that makes sense.
    Now, I'm not sure I can do it.