Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Night Reflections/The Good Samaritan

"You're always the good Samaritan."

When I have a number of very large items to wash, I like to head to the laundromat. The machines are large and the job gets finished in record time. I always take something to read, a knitting project, or just plan to check emails, so I have plenty to keep me busy. 
My husband dropped me off and I told him when I thought I would be finished. When he returned, he found me talking and helping someone fold their clothes. While I was sitting there waiting for my things to dry, I noticed that this woman was having a rather difficult time with her laundry. She had not said anything, but I could see that it was all rather overwhelming, so I offered to help fold. At first she refused, but I insisted. She told me that her husband usually does their laundry, but he had been injured, so she had to do it. She just couldn't believe that I would help. I had nothing better to do, and besides that, I enjoy folding. As we folded, she told me about her life, her dog, and even her dreams. The time passed quickly, and I could see that her spirit changed, she became happy. 

My husband and I had been out skiing for the day. During the day, he noticed that I had stopped to help a number of people who had fallen. At this point in my life, I ski well, but that was not always the case. So when I can help, pick up poles, help someone get up, or just make sure that they are okay, I feel like I am giving back to those nameless people who helped me along the way.
At the end of the day, as we were walking to our car, we passed a man who was balancing skis on his shoulder, trying to carry his son's skis in his other hand and hold his son's hand all at the same time. I walked over and asked where they were parked and asked if I could help. He thanked me and said, it was okay, but I could see that it wasn't so I just took the son's skis from his hand and said, "now you can hold on to your son." He was grateful. When we reached his car, I gave back the skis. As we walked away, it was then that my husband said, "you're always the good Samaritan."

Many years ago now, someone very close to me did the unthinkable. The experience changed my life and not in a positive way. I was broken and confused. After a number of years, I was able to find the grace to forgive. I made contact, but learned that just because you forgive, it doesn't mean that the person who has harmed you will really want forgiveness, which is fine, because forgiveness is not for the one who has harmed, but for the one was harmed. 
During the brief time that I tried to have a relationship with this person, I was introduced to the man who would become my husband. I have always felt that my husband was the gift I received for stepping out and trying to do what I thought to be the right thing.

I do not see myself as a good Samaritan. There have been so many times that I have missed opportunities that I have regretted not taking, but as my husband and I walked back to our car at the ski hill, I told him that I believe that when we take the time to help another, be it with their load or with a pain that may be in their heart, it always comes back to us. After all, he came to me because I reached out to another. 

If you think about the story of the good Samaritan, take note that we are never told his name, he is only known by what he did. He went out of his way to help the man who had been beaten. Did he ever receive a thank you? I don't think so, and that really isn't the point, but he has gone down in history as being a hero. When we step away from what's comfortable and easy, when we try to help, or do the right thing, there's always a reward. The reward may not be immediate, and it will rarely come from the person who was helped, but in time it does come back to us, and sometimes in the form of a loving and loyal husband. 

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  1. :-) ' forgiveness is not for the one who has harmed, but for the one was harmed. ' That is a truth many people never learn. Great post!

  2. Your Sunday Night reflections are always great food for thought. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. A beautiful post, filled with very important insights. Thank you!

  4. This is wonderful as I tend to do this myself. May I share as I feel we need a little more of this attitude floating around right now, in these times?