Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Wednesday Showcase

I just listened to a TedTalk given by Robert Waldinger. The title of the talk is what caught my attention. But then, I'm a real sucker for Ted Talks, absolutely love them. Quite often, if you come into my studio, you'll hear one in the background. The title of this talk was, "Happiness Comes From One Thing..." Not to spoil the talk in case you might like to listen, but as it turns out, what's most important is our relationships and a feeling of being needed and wanted. Not really a surprise. The talk is short and something you can listen to while you do other things. You can find it HERE, if you would like, it's only a little over 12 minutes long. He also talks about the benefit of relationships on our health as we grow older. I found it fascinating. 
The Wednesday Showcase is all about building connections and sharing what we do, so it really coincides with the talk I just heard. 

First up is a very delightful lady from Sydney, Australia. She has quite the sense of humor as on her about page, she said that her husband enjoys foot acupuncture. I thought she was serious until I read that he walks around her studio in his bare feet. Too funny!!! Her name is Lesley and you can find here blog here, http://sewniptuck.com/ 
Now check out what this amazing woman can do.
Her daughter found this top...super cute, and wanted one for herself.
 Isn't this amazing?!!!
The jacket that Lesley is wearing is a self drafted piece. Be sure to pop over to her blog and check out the post. This picture really doesn't do the jacket justice.
She is also a knitter. 
Another adorable piece. She actually took the Anna dress pattern from By Hand London and made a top and skirt. Check out the frayed hems. She said they actually took more time than had she just hemmed the whole thing.
Be sure to check out her blog. There's a lot more inspiration to be had.

Now I thought we would make a stop in Chicago. I've known Wendy for a number of years. She is an energetic sewist, and always in pursuit of a great fit. A lawyer by day and a sewist by night, always ready to take on a challenge. You can find her blog here, https://couturecounsellor.com/
Wendy had always felt that she couldn't wear a shift dress. She took a class with Sarah Veblen and she suggested adding the belt at the waist that goes from the front princess line to the back. Wendy was ecstatic! Finally, a shift dress that she loves. I've seen this dress in person, and it really does look so lovely on her. 
I loved the matching on this top. Only us sewists notice things like this :) 
Wendy decided to put a few patterns together to create a design idea.
And made this lovely ensemble. Notice the scallop detail at the hem. Great use of both patterns.
And finally, I thought I would share this with you. She said that this was the first time she ever had a piece fit her right out of the pattern. In the picture below, she is pointing to the seaming detail. It's a little lost with the pattern of the fabric.
The line drawings show the details. Wendy feels that it's the seaming that gives the excellent fit. If you would like to check the pattern out for yourself, you can find it HERE.

Not to disagree with Mr. Waldinger, but I think that sewing and having good sewing friends is the secret to happiness :)  
Thank you for the richness that so many of you add to my life.
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Thanks for the introductions. It is nice to follow more blogs in the same hemisphere - makes it less confusing (what season is it again? lol). And Wendy is a professional by day. Also up my alley.

    1. I know! I always feel so bad about posting things that aren't right for your time of year.

  2. What a lovely surprise to find myself on your blog, Rhonda. Thank you so much for the kind words.

  3. Dear Rhonda, I am monumentally flattered to have been featured along with Wendy on your Wednesday Showcase. I have to say your blog provides great sartorial inspiration. Now we are living with a vegetarian I'm checking out your recipe suggestions too! Many thanks.

    1. Truly my pleasure :)
      So happy I can be of some help with recipe suggestions. My poor husband says that he is vegetarian by proxy since he eats what I cook. The good side of it all is that our doctor says that if all his patients were like us, he wouldn't have a practice!

    2. BTW, I want that blue linen outfit! Love the fabric and your choice of patterns.

  4. Inspiration indeed. Excellent examples of great home sewing. I'm off to check out their blogs!

  5. What brilliant garments. I love reading the showcases and finding new blogs. Thanks. Xx