Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Wednesday Showcase

Old Man Winter has decided to let us know that he isn't finished with us yet. We're expecting anywhere from 3" to 15" of snow today. Hey, I love snow, but 15"!!!!, all in one day...OMG!!! At least I have a cozy day planned, although, if we do get the amount of snow they are forecasting, my husband and I will be doing a LOT of shoveling this evening. I guess I had better enjoy the quiet while I can :)

I'm going to do a little different take on The Wednesday Showcase today. I received a comment from VintageThrifter51. When someone new comments, I always try and see if they have a blog, and check out what they do. Her link took me to an interesting blog called Refashion Co-op. It's quite an interesting group. They came together with a passion for recycled and upclycled clothing. What I especially liked as I went through the blog is that this isn't about make it in a minute clothing. They are really doing some very interesting things. 
Here are a few examples;
Such a cute top.
This jean jacket is now over the top cute. Appeals to the cowgirl in me :)
Love how she saved the dress and made it into something so chic. 
Such a simple, but great idea.
And it's not just about sewing, a few do some wonderful jewelry makeovers. Who would have thought that those earrings would be the inspiration for that beautiful necklace?
There are 100 authors who share their ideas, so the site is always fresh and new. I think it's a great place to find some wonderful inspiration. Check it out... http://refashionco-op.blogspot.com/  

Up next is a fairly new website, well at least new to me, Miss Always Late To The Party :) I decided to include it today, just in case some of you are like me and have missed it.
The site is called The Foldline. It seems that it is a little Pattern Review and a little Artisan's Square combined. 

What can I do on The Fold Line?
  • Chat in the forum, ask questions about sewing, make friends, share your projects and organise local meet-ups
  • Search a growing database of over 3000 sewing patterns (independent designers and big companies)
  • Read sewing pattern reviews
  • Add sewing patterns you want to make to a wishlist
  • Add sewing patterns you own to a library
  • Record your pattern reviews
  • Add and search fabric shops all over the world
  • Discover pattern designers and bloggers and follow their activity
  • Keep up to date with sewing events, fairs and meet ups with our Social Calendar
  • Win prizes with regular competitions on our blog
  • Sign up to our weekly newsletter and Sew Reporter

What is the Community?

It’s FREE and always will be! Joining the community means you get your own profile with a user name, log in details and a news feed. Don’t forget you also get free PDF patternswhen you sign up too!
You can make friends with other sewing enthusiasts, follow your favourite pattern designers and bloggers, keeping up to date with all their news!
You can also talk in the forum about your favorite fabric shop or ask for help with a sewing technique.

Check it out. Pattern Review and Artisan's Square may be all you need, and then again, maybe an added forum would be fun too.

So that's it for today. May your day be filled with lots of inspiration and no snow shoveling!!! I'm afraid that's wishful thinking on my part ;)

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  1. Oh Rhonda, my daughter and her new baby live in Chicago. Hate to think of her getting snowed in! Stay safe and warm.

    1. I'm sure you know that we missed the storm. So all is well in Chicago :)

  2. Thanks for your inspirations, Rhonda. You're a peach .. ;) Here's another great re-fashion/upcycle site, The Renegade Seamstress. She has great tutorials, too.


    I think the "cowgirl" in you might like this one:


    Home page: https://chicenvelopements.wordpress.com/

    She's doing beginner sewing info currently, but if you scan around her site, you'll find there's a tremendous amount there that's fun and useful. I think she recently got a book contract as a result of her popularity. (Hope that's on YOUR list .. ;)

    Thanks so much again for ALL you do to teach, encourage, embellish and enhance our sewing and fashioning adventures.


    1. Thanks for all the links Joy, and special thanks for your kind words :)

  3. Great sites Rhonda. Stay warm and safe in the cold weather (hibernation seems like a good option!😴)

    1. WE got lucky!!! The weather man was wrong, at least for Chicago. WooHoo. But I feel so sorry for all in Indiana. It was a mess for them yesterday.

  4. Love both sites. Thanks for finding them and sharing them. Maybe you should just sew until the snow melts.

    1. Probably cleaning my house would be the more sensible thing to do ;)

  5. The triangular buttonhole video was really informative and looks very doable, its a keeper for me, thank you so much for everything you show us. I also loved the Ralph Rucci interview, great stuff

    1. Thanks Christine, I always say that nothing is really difficult as long as you know how to do it. I too loved the interview. It's one that I think I'll listen to more than once.
      Good Luck with your buttonhole adventures!