Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Master Sewing and Design Certification/Making a Triangle Shaped Bound Buttonhole

For the Master Sewing and Design Certification Program, you must demonstrate that you know how to make a bound buttonhole. Rather than walk you through making a typical bound buttonhole, I decided to make it a little more fun and show you how to make a triangular shaped bound buttonhole. They are fun to make, and surprisingly easy. Once you master making the buttonhole, there are lots of design possibilities.

I did a video tutorial for you on how to make a triangle shaped bound buttonhole. I hope that it explains the process and that you have great success in making your own. If you would like for me to demonstrate a typical bound buttonhole, I'll be happy to do so. Just let me know in the comment section. They really aren't as scary as we've been lead to believe.
Enjoy the video!

For those of you who may be wondering about the Master Sewing and Design Certification Program, you can read about it HERE.

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  1. Love these button holes and the bows. So gorgeous. I will have to try this some time. Thanks for the tutorial. Cheers, Michele

  2. How cool is that! Triangles and bows! Hmmm, must add that detail to something soon!

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial. Your instructions make it look so easy. I would love to give this a go. Xx

  4. Thank you for this tutorial. I finally mastered bound buttonholes, finally. And now I tempted to give these a go.

  5. Great tutorial! Thanks, Rhonda - I'll have to share with my tailoring students!

  6. Nice! Save and shared on Pinterest.

  7. I have made these types of buttonholes for years; wonderful instructions in the old Singer sewing series books. Please give credit where it is due.

    1. Thank you for letting me know that the buttonholes are featured in the now out of print books. I had no idea.