Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Wednesday Showcase

It's always a great day when you have the opportunity to make a few new friends and walk away inspired by the work that others are doing. As long as I have been doing the Wednesday Showcase, you would think that somehow, the talent would begin to wane, but that just doesn't seem to be the case. I'm continually amazed by the work that so many of you are doing, and the mark that you are making on the sewing world. It's not only inspiring, it's exciting to see :)
So, let's get started... 
First up is Joyce from Edinburgh, Scotland. She started her blog just a couple of years ago as she was so inspired the fantastic sewing blogs she was reading. Joyce loves to sew, but she also enjoys haberdashery shops as well as rummaging around in charity stores. You can find her blog here, http://thestorysewfar.blogspot.com/ 
Joyce loves making tops and she does such a beautiful job. The above top was one of her favorite makes of 2015. She said that the print is just so her. Below you can see a number of more recent makes.
Loved this coat. Joyce said that it is such a pleasure to be able to make a coat that she not only loves, but fits! 
She decided to give jeans a try. Well, I don't think she will ever purchase another pair of jeans as these are perfect! 
Not only does she love to sew, she knits too!
Joyce has taken on the Vintage Pledge for 2016. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she creates.

Next up is Mary who is not afraid to take on a challenge. You can find her blog here, http://stylememary.blogspot.com/
A simple shirt dress becomes incredible with handmade buttons and beautiful embroidered touches.
 Love the pop of plaid lining.
Not only does she sew beautifully, check out this crocheted work of art.
She also quilts. Check out the precious label in the lower right hand corner.
In 2013, Mary won the Sewing For Children contest on Pattern Review. This is one lucky little girl!

Be sure to check out Mary's blog as I only scratched the surface. 

I don't know what I want to do first, get out my sewing machine, or grab a crochet hook!!! Sadly, my crochet skills are quite lacking. 
BTW, the jeans that Joyce made are the Jamie Jeans from Named Patterns. You can read her review HERE, and find the pattern HERE

Wishing you a wonderfully inspired day!

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  1. Always Lovely to see new the new blogs that you feature. :)

  2. Two awesome sewists! Joyce's first top and that incredible crochet by Mary have me on my way to follow!

    1. That crocheted piece is just amazing. Joyce had me with the jeans :)

  3. Hi Rhonda and thanks for featuring me on your Wednesday Showcase. I'm actually wearing the blouse in the first photo as I'm typing this comment. I've also followed Mary's blog, there's some awesome sewing there! I'm always letting ideas for new projects ferment in my mind so there may be a Named Jamie jeans hack in black corduroy coming soon...Thanks again Rhonda, you just prove how encouraging the sewing blog-world is for everyone!

  4. Two new blogs to follow! Love the inspiration here....Thanks!