Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sewing Indie Month, Soma Patterns and No Waste!

This May we are celebrating the incredible patterns that are available from the independent pattern industry. Last week I shared with you that I was asked to participate as the Pattern Hacker. I jumped on the opportunity as I love to take a pattern and figure out other possibilities, but I still can't get over my title!!
This week I have chosen a fun and simple pattern designed by Sylvie P of Soma Patterns. She is a designer with a mission to create patterns that leave no waste. Since I am constantly looking for ways to keep my scraps out of landfills, the idea of no scraps left behind really appealed to me. Here's a look at some of the no waste patterns that Sylvie has designed.
The FloriAnn Skirt
The Abby Jacket
I have seen the Abby Jacket in person and it is fabulous
 The Emily Skirt
 For my first pattern hack project, I chose the Cendrine Top.
This is an ingeniously designed top, basically a rectangle, and you know that's something I always like! I decided to keep my first design simple by just adding a sleeve to the top. I love the front drape, it's so feminine and soft. So I thought that I should do something that would be in line with the design and the concept of the pattern.
My top with little butterfly sleeves.
The sleeves are just 2 triangles, so SUPER easy to do and I think the design is in keeping with the overall design of the top.
Floaty and flirty!!!
The sleeve opening of the top is just a slit and is cut after the shoulders have been sewn in. All I did was measure the length of one side of the armhole slit. It was 8" long. I then measured how far down I would like the points to hang on my arm. Ironically that measurement was also 8". So I drew a square that was 8" on all sides and cut it in half diagonally. Voila, Sleeves!!!! You will need to cut 2 squares as there are 2 triangles in each sleeve.
Here's a few pictures of me in the top.

As I said, the top is super easy to make. The ingenuity of the design is in how the shoulder was designed. I just love it. Based on this experience, I will be making a few more of Sylvie's designs. Later this month, I am going to revisit the Cendrine Top and show you how to make this into a reversible jacket.
Be sure to check out the posts of my fellow bloggers. Here's a link to the schedule of who is posting and when, http://seamsterpatterns.com/sewing-indie-month-calendar/.
Also, be sure to check out all the companies who are a part of Sewing Indie Month.

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  • Remember, there are fabulous prizes for anyone who enters the pattern hacking category. You can see all the prizes listed on this post, http://www.rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2014/05/announcing-sewing-indie-month.html So download an indie pattern and get hacking!!!!

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    1. So cute and such pretty colors!

    2. Very pretty and I think the cut of that little sleeve is very flattering. Great idea!

    3. I like your version so much! I think the pattern was made for a floaty, delicate fabric such as you used. The sleeves were an inspiration.

      1. Thanks Carole. The fabric is a very lightweight, almost spider web like knot fabric. I was very happy with how it turned out.

    4. This is a greatt top! The colour is absolutely perfect for you. I love the idea of no scraps too. I have bags of bits of lovely fabric that are too big to throw out but too small to do much with. There is only so much patchwork you can do. Completely intrigued by the jacket pattern. xx

    5. I'm intrigued! Thanks for a new designer to check out!

      1. Take a closer look at her jacket. It's just spot on.

    6. Your simple sleeve makes this top so much more appealing to me! Lovely. Thanks for showing it!

    7. Looks great Rhonda, very feminine. Did you use a knit fabric with lots of stretch? Must a knit be used?

      1. Thanks Kathy! The fabric is a knit. It's a rather light, almost spider web like weave. The top does need to be made from a knit fabric.

    8. I actually like your MUCH better than the original. The fit seams spot on, the neckline doesn't sag, the drag lines next to the ruffle shown on the pattern prototype do not happen on your. Did you have to make any alterations or is it only due to your choice of fabric?

      1. The only alteration that I made was to lengthen the pattern. Actually, I need to apologize for not including that. I added 2" to the length. My fabric is a very lightweight knit. The knit that she used looks to be heavier than the knit that I used.

    9. I'm fascinated by clothes that can be made from squares or rectangles. Thanks for this.

    10. Thanks for bringing a new company to my attention. Your top looks great. Wish the pattern went up 1 more size range, for my bust. Do you think it could be easily sized up or would fabric restrict the sizes?

      1. Hi Ginger, the secret to the pattern is how the shoulders are sewn. There is no shaping for the bust. The pattern was designed to be zero waste. I did not cut mine as zero waste as my fabric was not wide enough. I cut the facing section away from the pattern and cut it on another piece of fabric. So rather than cutting it as zero waste, you can give more width for a larger bust size as long as you for go the zero waste aspect. It sounds a little complicated, but it really would be quite easy. I just don't want to give away how the shoulder is sewn

      2. Thanks Rhonda! Good to know the bust can be increased. I'll be ordering this pattern soon.

      3. Once you get the pattern, let me know if I can help you make it larger.

      4. Ok. Thanks. It might be next weekend, after my birthday.