Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Art Institute Fashion Show, The Runway

I went through the pictures that I took at the Art Institute fashion show and sadly, they are not that good. They were all taken with my phone as I forgot my camera. I did pull out a few that are at least not too too blurry, so I hope you can get a feel of the show. If by chance you are ever in Chicago the first part of May, this is a show that you really should try and see. It's always an interesting and inspiring show.

 Can you find the face in the garment below?



 The dress with the clouds is from the Wizard of Oz collection.
 There was a horse on her back side!!!



This coat had such great movement.

I wish the pictures were better and I wish I had been able to take more. The show moves really fast, so it is difficult to keep up!  But hopefully you found something a little inspiring.

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