Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Poinsettia Napkin Ring

I think I first posted this little napkin ring two years ago. It is always a popular item as I continue to receive lots of requests for the pattern. I have had this pattern for whew...a VERY long time!
 I think it gives a special touch to a holiday place setting.
 There are 3 simple pieces, a petal piece, a leaf piece and the actual ring that is shaped like a dog bone.
To put them together, simply fold the dog bone piece in half.
 Place the petal piece on the leaf piece.
 Scrunch the petals of the dog bone piece together,
 and push it through the slit opening in the petal and leaf.
 Once the petals have been pushed through, arrange the petals and it's as simple as that!
This year I went a little crazy and decided to make a bunch and wrap them around a wreath. I obviously don't have enough to do with my time ;) If only that were true!! 
This was very easy to do and I will be more than happy to do a little tutorial on how I made the wreaths, but before I do, I would like to offer the pattern to anyone who would like to have it. Since I have yet to figure out how to attach the pattern to the blog, the best that I can do is have you email me, sewbussted@yahoo.com and I will gladly send the pattern to you.

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  1. Hi Rhonda.They are so pretty, and fast and easy! I will definitely be emailing you for the pattern. Thanks and a belated Happy Birthday!

  2. I didn't remember seeing this one before; thanks for sharing! So cute!

  3. I love this Rhonda!
    I'm emailing you!!

  4. This will be the perfect gift for my SIL, sending you an email. Thank you!

  5. That is so pretty! I think I'll be sending you and email.

  6. Rhonda,
    I love the poinsettias - thank you. We're birthday girls together (mine's today! and I'm going to spend it in my sewing room, too). I'm off to see if I have any red felt in the stash. Have a large day! Meg

  7. Happy birthday, Rhonda; we're birthday girls together this month. Love your poinsettias, too. Have a great day,

  8. How cute! And if you used yellow or pink for the flower part, they could make pretty spring napkin rings, for Easter dinner or a spring brunch. I host a lot of large family gatherings, so I'm always looking for napkin ring ideas that won't break the bank.

    If I had read this more carefully before I sent you my address *** I'm a winner! Thank you! *** I would have included a request for the pattern in that email. I will send you another.

    I will make these to take to my sister's Christmas brunch if it isn't too late to find nice red and green felt. If I can't find the right colors I will put it in my "tickle file" to make her for next year. Thanks for the cute idea!

  9. So cute! And these could be used for Easter dinner or a spring brunch if you used a pastel like pink or yellow for the flowers. These will make a fun gift for my sister's Christmas brunch if there are still nice red and green felts in the fabric store.

    I would have included a requested this pattern in my YAY! I WON! email if I hadn't been too excited to read this post carefully. By the way, thanks again for your generous gift. I will email again for the pattern. Thanks!

  10. they are really cute thanks for sharing

  11. Adorable! Yes, I too would love the pattern and think that different colors would make it great for several other seasons.