Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Birthday Celebration Day 7

Wow, I am so impressed. You are watching!!! I think everyone who has entered the contest really wants to win as all the winners have gotten back to me so quickly with their addresses. Your excitement makes this all the more fun for me!
So....drum roll, today's winner is 
Congratulations Miss Greytone!!!!!!
And now today's illustrations. I think they are so pretty. The suit below is wonderful, but you would never catch me wearing it without something underneath!!!! Great for a picture though.
If by chance you are interested in fashion illustration, I think these pictures offer a lot of inspiration. There are subtle things that make them interesting, like the pink around the eyes and take note of the white dots in the hair of the piece above.
Once again, if you have yet to enter and would like a chance to win, here's the scoop....
1. You must be a follower of the blog through some vehicle be it my little follower box, bloglovin, feedly or some other reader. Just let me know how you follow.
2. Leave a comment on this post. Once you leave a comment, you will not have to continue to leave comments as your name will stay in the box until you win. Once you win, your name will be removed.
3. Be sure to check back each day to see if you have won. If you do win, please email me at sewbussted@yahoo.com with your address so I can get your prize in the mail. I will give you 3 days to respond. If at that time I have not heard from you, I will draw a new name.

I am working on getting the illustrations up in my Etsy shop, they will be up later today. Yesterday I hosted a pillowcase making party. Seven friends attended and we made 61 cases between 10 and 3:30, and we stopped for lunch. Not bad! It's amazing what can be done when efforts are pulled together. I'll post pictures tomorrow. We all had such a great time. My husband literally pulled me away from the sewing machine to meet friends for dinner. So needless to say, I just didn't have time to get my listings finished. But, I'm close and as I said, it will happen today.
Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

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  1. Rhonda! I am so excited to be a lucky winner! Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering these beautiful prints in celebration of your birthday! Winning is not such an impossibility, and I hereby encourage everyone to submit their post and take a chance. You can't win if you don't!

    Thank you, again.....


  2. Would love to enter! They are beautiful

  3. Rhonda - are you the artist? I love these drawings and aspire myself to be able to draw at that level. For now I just sketch a bit. So, yes, please enter me in the contest. I follow via my blogger dashboard. And bloglovin, I think. Love your work and your powerful spirit of positivism.

  4. Rhonda, These are beautiful. Thank you for your generosity - I admired these when you first posted them. I follow through bloglovin and would love to be added to the contest.

  5. Happy belated Birthday, Rhonda, to a wonderful person. My son in law's is the same date so I will always remember yours! Hope it was a great one!

    1. Hi Bunny, you didn't miss it, my birthday is actually December 12th, the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe!!! I feel quite lucky to have such an honored patron saint. I'm just celebrating all month long :)