Thursday, December 26, 2013

Creatures Who Love To Ski

Happy Day After Christmas to everyone!!! I hope you all had a lovely holiday. I had a wonderful time, ate some good food, enjoyed the company of some good friends, and visited with my family. 
Last year I shared with you a little something that has become a tradition in my home. It all started with this little ornament. I have been jealous of this little guy for as long as my husband and I have been married, well that is until 4 years ago. I think an old girlfriend gave him this ornament. Anyway, each and every Christmas, I have given my husband a ski ornament for Christmas. He now has a tree full. We've been married a long time :) Every year when I pull out all of the ornaments, I ask which is your favorite and without any hesitation, he would always say, "this guy."    

He finally told me that what he liked was that it was handmade and so creative. Ahhh, the magic formula. So 4 years ago I decided to make my ornament and this is what I came up with. I need to do a little repair work as the"mustache" broke off on one side.

As you can see, it's all made out of natural seeds, pine cones and seed pods, except for the hat and scarf of course. The result, success!!! He loved it. Finally :)

The next year I made Rudolph. The story behind this guy is, after the long night of flying all over the world has come to an end, Santa tells the reindeer, "great job boys, enjoy your vacation." With glee, Rudolph straps on his skis and flies down the mountain.

His hoofs are acorn shells.

 And I even found some furry little seeds for his tail.

Last year I made this little guy.His face is a peach pit that I just happened to find, the body is a black walnut and his hat is another acorn shell.

 He has such a great personality.

This is this years addition. I have no idea what type of seed pod his head is made out of. It was found while I was out on my morning walk. He too has a black walnut body. His feet are horse chestnut seeds. The tiny pine cone is from a neighbor's tree. I thought it worked well as a stogie.

He was a blast to make. He also has an acorn hat, but with a little decoration. I am so happy that I was able to get the scarf to look as though he is really flying down the mountain. Sitting back and enjoying the ride ;)

I only intended to make one ornament, but as I was picking up my things, the pieces just seemed to come together and bring this little guy to life.

His head is from a sago palm and his eyes and mustache are also seeds.
His backpack is a horse chestnut seed. The sticks and the baskets at the bottom are from a tree that I walked past while out with my dogs. And then of course he has pine cone leaves for his snow shoes and the tiny pine cone boots.

The entire family. My husband dropped Rudolph, so I need to find some new antlers.

My husband asked me how I come up with these little creatures as they are all so different. I told him that I really don't feel that I am the creator. They tell me who they want to be and it all just comes happens. Well, however they come together, they have become such a joy, and a true holiday tradition. Had it not been for the little clothespin guy, I don't think that any of these little guys would have ever come to life. In this case, a little jealousy was a good thing!!!

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  1. How quirky and clever ~ your imagination never ceases to amaze me! You will have us all looking at seed pods in a different way now ... J

    1. Thanks Judith. I have become a bit obsessed about seeds and seed pods. Wherever I am, my eyes are always opened to spot something new.

  2. What a lovely tradition. I think all of your little creations are sweet, and I am sure Rudolph will appreciate his new antlers (most deer shed antlers once a year so your husband shouldn't feel bad ;) )

    1. I'll pass that along to my husband :) I really look forward to making them, but I usually wait until just about the last minute. It seems that because I don't have time to think about them, they come together a little more naturally.

  3. What a fun story! Your ornaments are so creative -- it is a wonderful tradition. I love the chestnut seed backpack -- too cute!