Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Night Reflections

A friend included this in a Christmas card that he sent to us a few years ago. I liked the sentiment, so I kept it and tonight I'll share it with you. My Lady of the Wall story will come a little later this week :)

The Christmas Card List

There is a list of folks I know
All written in a book,
And every year at Christmas time
I go and take a look.
And that is when I realize
Those names are all a part
Not of the books they're written in,
But deep inside my heart.

For each name stands for someone
Who has touched my life at sometime.
And in that meeting they've become
A special friend of mine.
I really feel that I'm composed,
Of each remembered name,
And my life is so much better 
Than it was before they came.

Once you've known that "someone",
All the years cannot erase
The memory of a pleasant world
Or of a friendly face.
So never think my Christmas cards
Are just mere routine
Of names upon a list that are
Forgotten between.

For when I send a Christmas card
That is addressed to you,
It is because you're on that list
of folks I'm indebted to.
And whether I have known you
For many years or few,
The greatest gift that God can give
Is having friends like you!

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