Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mitten, Mitten, Whose Got the Mitten!

Oh my, do I ever have something great to share with you today. My little friend, Miss Mari of http://disparatedisciplines.com/ recently told me that she had a new pattern for me to test, a mitten pattern. My first thought was, "Really?, mittens?" Then she told me what made them special, you can use your phone in cold weather and not take off your gloves!!! She researched conductive fabric and found some that works beautifully. Now, I am a bit of a stone age left over when it comes to anything on the computer, so I had no idea that there was such a thing as conductive fabric. When she brought it over to show me, oh my, I was like a kid in a toy shop, what fun!!! I also had the opportunity to see just how cute the mittens are.
The shape of the mittens is just wonderful and they look so nice on your hand. Notice the back side. Mari had said that she really didn't like the seams going down the sides, so she decided to bring the seams around to the back and make one long seam down the center. I love this detail. You can see that it allows for designs possibilities. In the picture below you can see the conductive fabric on the tips of the fingers and the thumb. She has the fabric in black, I chose to use the gray so it would stand out a little more. One note about the conductive fabric, it is a bit thin. I did a little test and folded it into 4 layers to see if it would still work and it does. For my mittens, I just used a double layer of the fabric. The fabric I used is a double faced stretch wool. So I used one side for the body of the mittens and the back side for the palm.
No picture of me this morning. First of all, the wind chill is -18 degrees, so it is super cold out. I also have another procedure to deal with today, so I am trying to take it easy before I go and not rush around too much. Evidently I won't be able to eat for a while, so my husband took me out for a great breakfast!  
The mittens come in various lengths.  Since I'm almost always cold, I decided to make the opera length. Besides, they look more dramatic!!!
I just can't tell you how much I love the feature of the conductive fabric. It really works. The mittens would be a great present for anyone who uses their phone in cold weather. You might notice that I have on Mari's Yellow Tail Camisole. I wear this top ALL THE TIME!!! It makes the perfect undershirt.
Mari gives a very detailed explanation on finding the correct size mitten. I used the extra small...me and my bird leg arms, maybe I should pick up a weight every once in a while ;). I do have very thin wrists and I usually have a problem with things being too big, the mittens fit perfectly. I did not make one change to the pattern. I love it, sew and go!!!
The mittens will make lovely gifts for everyone on your holiday gift list. The pattern includes sizes from xs to 3xl. The pattern is also instantly downloadable, so no waiting for it to come in the mail. My mittens took me no longer than an hour from cut to finish, so once again, great for last minute gifts, socking stuffers, you name it. You can find the pattern here, http://disparatedisciplines.com/product/honeycrisp-mittens-9702/
The price is great too, only $10.00. Not a bad investment :) If you look closely at the above picture, you can see the black conductive fabric on the thumbs of the blue mittens. 
When the weather warms up a bit, I'll take some pictures of me wearing my mittens. 

A little side note;
I test a LOT of patterns and I'm sure that from a reader's point of view it comes across that I like everything I test. This is not the case at all. I am of the mind that if I can't say something nice, I'll say nothing at all. More times than not, when I come across something that I don't like, I can find a way to fix it. But sometimes I can't and that is when I just say nothing publicly. So with that said, if you see a pattern on my blog that I have tested, you can rest assured that it is something I really do like.

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  1. Fabulous! Where did you get the fabric?

  2. So cute and what a fabulous idea! Hope all goes well with the procedure you are having.

  3. I love it that you made long ones! So cute! Hope your procedure goes smoothly and you're back at your sewing machine in no time!

  4. Those are so cute! I love the extra length.

  5. Your rendition looks terrific. I used to have an opera length pair of gloves, and they are so nice. No breezes up the arms! This is a bad (or good) time of the year to have oral procedures done. I have personal experience with that! Good luck, Rhonda, I hope it goes well for you.

    1. Hi Becki, I'm hurting a bit today and I'm on a soft diet for a while. Not the first time. I have two more procedures to go and then I'm declaring, THIS IS IT!!! At least they are able to keep taping me back together ;)

  6. These would be perfect for a cape, so great this time of year (even here).
    So, where do you get that conductive fabric? Not that I would be checking my phone while driving of course!
    So sorry about the dental work, feel better soon.

    1. You can get the conductive fabric here, http://disparatedisciplines.com/product/gray-conductive-fabric/She also has it in black. The black is a little thinner than the gray. I like the gray the best.

  7. Ouch, sure hope you feel like yourself soon. Love the mittens and that great length.