Sunday, May 19, 2013

Me Made May 2013

May 9th. This is a catch up picture, not taken on the day the garment was worn. This is a wrap dress that is my pattern. I have not blogged about it. What I like about this pattern is that the front wrap stays closed, so no pins holding it closed over the bust area. We went to see a production of Oklahoma that Lyric Opera is doing this season. A nice comfortable dress for sitting and since it's knit, I can wear it all day long and not worry about wrinkles.
May 11th. This was the day that I had such a bad headache and it was amazing that I got dressed at all, but what I wore was really comfortable and warm as it was rather cold that day as well. The pants are self drafted pants and the top is from this Sleeves on Saturdays post.
I posted May 12th here.
And I posted May 13th, 14th and 15th here.
May 16th. After a number of days of wearing black, I was determined to wear anything but black. The skirt is from this Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post, http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2011/09/fabulous-free-pattern-fridaysa-little.html. The top is also my pattern but I have not blogged about. It's an asymmetrical pattern. I like that when I wear the top and the skirt together, it looks like a dress.
May 17th. You just saw this dress on Friday's FFPF post. I made it on Friday and wore it on Friday. We had a banquet to attend, so why not?! Sorry for the poor picture. We just couldn't find decent lighting. I really enjoyed wearing the dress. 
May 18th. I met up with an American Sewing Guild group for a tour of a business called Lorna's Laces. We were able to tour the factory and treated to a demonstration on how she dyes the yarn. Very interesting. Of course we had an opportunity to do a little shopping and I bought yarn. Oh my, it was just all too pretty!!! So I dressed comfortably. The top is from this Sleeves On Saturday post.
May 19th. This skirt will be an upcoming post for Fabulous Free Pattern Friday. It's just a rectangle! The top is my pattern, just a basic cowl neck top. You really can't see the necklace, but I did make that as well.
Finally, all caught up!!! On to a new week :-)

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  1. Gorgeous garments! I so admire your creations using your own patterns. Great fabrics as well.

  2. All so pretty! The fabric you used to make the wrap dress is lovely!

  3. Lovely wrap dress! I know this is a must-have style, but I've not been sold on it yet. I LOVE yours!

  4. Such beautiful garments and your use of colour is very inspiring.

  5. You have lots of really unusual and colourful clothes! Must be fun getting dressed in the morning.

  6. These are all gorgeous garments, I especially like the May 16th outfit and how the two pieces together look like a dress (I've made 2 skirts already). The pattern for the skirt is so easy and new sewer friendly that I used it to introduce my co-worker to sewing. She was so ecstatic at completing her first garment I thought she was going to do a cart wheel. I only have one question, is there a way to shorten the "handkerchief" part without taking way from the length of the skirt? We are both on the shorter side, her 4'11" (according to her license) and she expressed concern about that part brushing the ground or possible getting stepped on (not that she was going to let that stop her, she put on her highest platform shoes and away she went..lol).