Friday, May 17, 2013

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

Today's little pattern is as easy as it gets, 2 rectangles, some trim and your done! I'm calling this dress
Channeling Wilma
Not exactly the same, thank goodness, but we both have the half the shoulder thing going on.
I chose to make the accent trim long enough to go around my neck and then tie in the back, but it could also tie in the front as well.
So here you see that the dress is nothing more than 2 rectangles with an angled cut.
You will need your hip measurement and your length measurement. Add 2" to the hip measurement for ease and so you can move in the dress. I made my dress out of a polyester fabric that has no stretch whatsoever.
To cut the angle, this will vary by your bust size, but measuring down 8" on the side seam and leaving 7" for the opposite shoulder seam will be a good starting point.
To sew the dress, sew the off the shoulder side seam and the opposite shoulder seam. Try the dress on to determine the amount you will leave open for the armhole then sew that side seam. Finish the armhole opening with bias tape. For the accent tie, cut a piece of fabric 3" wide plus seam allowance. The length should be 2 1/2 times the  shoulder opening. Sew the trim on. Determine your hem and your finished!  
I will be wearing this dress soon, so a better picture will follow.
Happy Friday!!

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  1. How cute and how simple is that!

  2. What a fabulous print! Wow-it is easy!

  3. Wow! Easy and stunning. You look wonderful!

  4. What a cute design to showcase this fabulous fabric. Love it!

  5. You really do provide some unique and achievable patterns. Thanks so much Rhonda.