Thursday, May 30, 2013

Me Made May 2013 Catching Up

May is getting away from me. We only have one more day left in May, so I need to do a little catch up.
Day 24
Last Friday we were supposed to do something to depict our home town. I was busy working on projects last Friday and more often than not, this is my uniform when I know that I won't really being seeing anyone. Not very exciting, I know. I did not make the jeans or the white t-shirt. The only thing I'm wearing that I did make is the t-shirt.
T-shirts with logos are usually not made like I would like for them to be made. So what I usually do is buy an x-large t-shirt, cut it apart and then I use this old Stretch & Sew pattern to make a t-shirt that I'll enjoy wearing.
This t-shirt came from what was my favorite airport restaurant, Shannon's Landing. Sadly, the recession did it in and it is no longer open. At least I have the t-shirt and the fun memories. 
I should have been a cowgirl! I have owned and loved pink cowgirl boots my entire life. The leather is beginning to split on these so it will be time for a new pair soon. The sad part about it it that these are so comfortable. I just hate to give them up :(
Day 26
On Sunday my husband and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. I was a child bride by the way ;-) We had a lovely day. There's a restaurant that I have been wanting to try since they opened and I wanted to try their brunch. I did not disappoint. If you are ever in Chicago I highly recommend having brunch at Nightwood. Everything was so very good. It was cold on Sunday. Funny since today is as hot as Hades! That's Chicago weather for you. Anyway, I was cold so I decided to dress warmly.
The sleeve on this jacket was done for this Sleeves On Saturday post.
The picture isn't the best as I look a little heavy in the picture with the wide leg pants and the swing jacket. In real life is looks pretty nice together. I lined the jacket with the same fabric that I used for the top. I also have a matching skirt, but I never wear the skirt and top with the jacket as it is a very full skirt.
The top is fun to wear. The front is cut on the bias and the back is on the straight of grain. I need to make the pants in another fabric so that the details show up a little better.
Day 27
I did this top for a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post. It's the Draped Poet's Blouse. I wear this top quite a bit in the summer as it just floats around the body. I did not make the t-shirt or the leggings.

 You can find the post I did on this top here.
Day 28
I taught a class and it was really warm on Tuesday. I wanted something that I wouldn't melt in so I wore this dress which is one of my patterns. When I originally drafted the pattern, it was intended to have sleeves. I love it with sleeves, but I also enjoy it without sleeves. The neckline drapes in an asymmetrical fashion. One sleeve is a regular set in sleeve and the other side is a drop shoulder sleeve.
Day 29
I had a lot of errands to do on Wednesday, so I just threw on a pair of tights that I did make. They are a stretch denim fabric. The vest is a FFPF piece, just two rectangles. You can find that post here. I also made my necklace and bracelet, although you really can't see them very well. The beads are African beads.
Day 30
Today I was teaching again and I decided to wear my Perfect Travel Dress. So comfortable and easy to wear. I call this mindless dressing as all I have to do is throw on the dress and out the door I go. You can find the post for this dress here.
I need to find the pictures from last Thursday and Saturday, tomorrow :) There's still another day!
Me Made May has been a very interesting experience for me. It's something that I'm very happy to have done.
Until tomorrow!

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  1. You are always sew busy. Love those boots and all your garments.

    1. Thanks Faye. I'm really not so busy. I find plenty of time to sit and veg out in front of the t.v. !!

  2. Happy anniversary! I love your anniversary outfit, and I love it that you got to go to Nightwood! I'll make it there one of these days :-) Also loving your travel dress. That one is on my never-ending to-sew list!

  3. 1. Cowboy Boots! Yes! My favorite pair is over 20 years old, and beat to s**t, but I keep re-soling them, and patching the toe....I just can't give them up because nothing else is as comfortable!
    2. Jeans and a t-shirt - another yes! lol...I really tried to avoid too much of that for mmm, and the truth is I want to make more ordinary, short sleeved tshirts, because it's really my at-home uniform.
    3. So many gorgeous outfits! Actually, ALL of them (including the jeans & t-shirt, because I have such respect for it :)
    4. "Interesting" is an understatement. I'm SO happy that I did this!

  4. P.S. - forgot to say Happy Anniversary! :)

  5. Lovely you had a wonderful anniversary, congratulations. Love all outfits and the fact that you drafted most of them is impressive.

  6. Happy Anniversary. You are so inspirational and elegant.

  7. You never cease to amaze me...Happy anniversary :) My grandmother was a child bride too.

  8. Rhonda,
    Congratulations on 29 years of marriage, what a wonderful accomplishment. Love the clothes, especially the travel dress.
    Ann V

  9. Happy anniv! And I love your outfit on 5/29 :-)

  10. Congratulations on you Anniversary.
    You really are a truly creative sewer. I love how you use simple ideas and beatiful colours and then give back to us all to use.

  11. Qué elegante y alegre vas siempre!!
    Mi favorito: camiseta y leggins día 27, ooooooh!

    Feliz aniversario! Nosotros ya cumplimos 31!!

  12. Congratulations 29 years is wonderful love day 28 dress you are so clever :)