Monday, May 20, 2013

Me Made May 2013

Day 20
Today's dress is a repeat pattern. I have 3 of these dresses. The first one you saw on day 5 here and pictured below.
The second was worn on day 9 and pictured below.
I had some fun with this one by mixing the prints. Just the right front panel and one of the ties has the girls. The other side and the entire back is the daisy print. It's very warm in Chicago so dressing is a little tricky as you want to be cool enough to get to your destination and warm enough once you arrive. Sure enough, the building I was in today was freezing cold. I guess I should have taken the time to put on some hose, my legs are frighteningly white!!! Oh well :-)
This will be the last time that you will see this dress as this is the last one that I have, made up anyway!!
Hope you are having a lovely day.

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  1. WOW! Don't you look AWESOME! Love your dresses :)

  2. Each of those dresses is wonderful on you!

  3. How pretty and perfect for spring! That looks fabulous on you.
    I repeat patterns very regularly, you can't go wrong with a TNT

  4. oh, love the mix of prints. Very fresh and spring like.

  5. Great bright colours and there is nothing wrong with repeat

  6. What a wonderful dress! Seeing the different versions has made me realize that the same pattern can be used multiple times. (For some bizarre reason, I seem to think that everyone will notice that I'm using the same pattern if I do repeats.)

  7. This is my fave but they are all great. I love the print blocking trend and this combo works really well.