Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Mary Bridge Pillowcase Project

It's just like Christmas here!! I walked into the kitchen last night and there on the table was a little package wrapped in brown paper. I can be such a child...."ooo a package!!!" What was inside? Beautiful pillowcases from Robin of http://alittlesewing.blogspot.com/.
Inside the package were five lovely pillowcases.
Robin put her own special stamp on them with her creativity. I love the piecing of this one and I also love how the morning shadows echo the lines. That was not planned, a photographer I am not!
 A view from the other side brings about a little surprise. Look at the one in the middle.
Just so lovely and truly my favorite.
Thank you Robin for donating your time, your skills, and especially your creativity to this project. A special thank you to all of you who have donated so far. This is just such an amazing gift. You have all been so generous.
As I was taking the pictures of the cases, I heard the geese making a fuss in the river.
The goose on the right has been in a snitty mood for the last few days and has been picking fights with all the other geese. You can see how he is charging towards the other goose.
 Then he rares up and flaps his wings,
and finally swims away.
Then, a couple of skulls row past. There are a number of schools that use the river for training. I just love watching them go by. Sometimes I feel like I live in paradise.
My little garden angel. Wishing you a peaceful and productive day.

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  1. Such a blessing, just reading this made me feel calm. I can just hear the pillow cases flapping in the breeze and the geese in the river. Do you mind if I live vicariously for a day or so? Feel free to switch and sit in my office reading financial documents all day...

    I really appreciate you brightening my day, happy sewing!

    1. Better yet, come have a glass of wine and help me watch the skulls go by :-)

    2. Don't tempt me, I would come just for one of those HCC club meetings.

    3. You are lucky its skulls, here in Texas it would be drunks on inner tubes

    4. Good one and so true! And you're welcome anytime. Once the date is set for next Year's fashion show I'll let you know. Maybe you can come:-)

  2. oh I am happy the pillowcases arrived! I enjoyed sewing them very much and I wish all the best to the people who adopt them.