Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Morning Inspiration/Christmas Gifts

For those of you here in the U.S., and those of you who are not, but still celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a wonderful holiday. We had a lovely day with friends, did our traditional Thanksgiving day hike. It was just the boost that my dog Gracie needed. She misses Little Bit so much, but I think that she is finally beginning to move on. 

I usually do a bit of the cooking for Thanksgiving. I did Roasted Cauliflower, recipe HERE(skip the wrap and just serve the cauliflower, it's delicious!), and I also roasted Brussel Sprouts. I always soak my brussel sprouts in salt water for a few hours before cooking, removes the bitter aspect. I then added the same ingredients as the I did for the cauliflower. A great touch for brussel sprouts is to add toasted walnuts and crumbled blue cheese. Give it a try, I think you might like it :) 

The day after Thanksgiving marks the official start of the Christmas season here in America. So many of us enjoy giving handmade gifts, I know I do :) So here are a few ideas that are quick to make.

If you look at the top bar of the blog, you'll see a tab for free patterns that make great gifts.

The Free Beret Pattern

You can find the instructions HERE, and the pattern HERE.

Free Slipper Pattern For The Family

You can find the patterns HERE, and HERE. The instructions can be found HERE.

Free Poinsettia Napkin Ring Pattern

Not only does this make a great accent for your holiday table, it's a fun and easy project to do with your children, or grandchildren. You can find the pattern HERE, and additional pictures HERE.

Make a pile of headbands with THIS tutorial.

From my Fabulous Free Pattern Friday series;

Kimono Bag

This bag is nothing more than 2 rectangles. You can find the instructions HERE.

Necktie Cummerbund 

Just combine 2 coordinating neckties and you have a fabulous belt! You can find the instructions HERE.

Fleece Ski/Winter Hat

This is my favorite winter hat. It's nothing more than a rectangle, so it goes together in minutes. You can find the instructions HERE.

Tote Bag

This bag is super easy to make, just purchase a panel at your local fabric store. It's large enough to carry everything! All the instructions can be found HERE

Pompom Collar

Super cute and will dress up jackets as well as sweaters. Find the instructions HERE.

High End Clutch Bag

The lovely Cennetta of The Mahogany Stylist did a guest tutorial for us on making THESE fabulous clutch bags. Just be careful if you do decide to give one as a gift, it might end up being a gift for yourself!!!

Clam Shell Wristlet 

You can find my pattern for the Clam Shell Wristlet along with the instructions HERE. Great for any holiday party. Great gift for upcoming proms and weddings too.

That should be a nice start to get your creative juices going :)

I'll be back tomorrow with a few more ideas.

Just remember....

 Happy Holiday Making!

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  1. Thank you for these! I know of at least one that I'll definitely be making! (And I'll get started very soon - not a couple of days before Christmas. ;-) ) Jen

  2. I think that darling beret will jump into my gift making queue. Thanks for all the patterns, Rhonda!

    1. The nice thing about the beret pattern is that it can be made from scraps, so you can make piles 🎁